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Bands 4 Good! Spare a click?

We have been working feverishly in the studio to complete our project before mid month! Cross those fingers, it's getting down to the wire! The hard work is paying off and the final product is already exceeding our every expectation! The Gorilla Music Once In A Lifetime Tour is quickly approaching! We get to perform in front of Sony A&R Reps so we are excited to be a part of this! Tickets and information can be found at www.simplymarymusic.com Bands 4 Good is having a great contest where we can win prizes and help organizations keep music in public schools. It's a cool idea and a great opportunity for us before we release our totally cool album! Check it out at http://www.adultopen2014.bands4good.com/simplymary We are excited to be closing on a Publishing Deal soon with TallCat Studios LLC in Phoenix, AZ And also looking into finalizing Distribution to release everything as soon as possible! Hang tight if you want to be Freedom Bound! Thank you so much for all the great fan mail! That is the greatest pay off of all! Rock On with Peace, Love and Music Simply Mary www.simplymarymusic.com Upcoming events: The Vintage Bar and Grill, Tempe, AZ The Monarch Theatre, RAW Artists CURRENT Showcase, Phoenix, AZ The Nile Theatre, Gorilla Music Once In A Lifetime Tour, Mesa,AZ Pho Cao, Tempe, AZ Talebu Wine and Coffee, Chandler, AZ BeBe's Restaraunt, Peoria, AZ

Freedom Bound Progress

We are so excited! We have 6 tracks to go before the over dubbing process! We also have welcomed Violinist Barbara Frank and Mandolin Player Bruce Lev to the making of Freedom Bound!! We are so excited to create such an emotional album ranging from love, to inspiration, to anger, fear and every emotion in between! This album highlights the unforgettable journey to personal freedom that all survivors encounter! Straight from the road of Survival itself, written in the heat of the moment!

1st Studio Visit Wednesday!! Consult with Vali Forrester confirmed!

Back in February my life was in shambles. I had no where to go that was safe. I was in true turmoil and I only had a very small and I mean small handful meaning 4 friends that were there for me in my darkest hour because everyone around me was either afraid or didn't want involved. I could not see a light at the end of the tunnel. Then a Miracle happened that gave me this true shimmer of hope, even though momentary, I felt like I just could not give up. Because of a letter I had turned in and the music I was already letting be heard, I won!! The first time in my life something so amazing, to me anyway, had happened that had to do with the one thing in my life that I had to cling to. Airplay Direct, a fellow ASCAP affiliate sent me a letter! I WON!!! Since things were not going so well at the time as far as stability in my life. I could not use this golden opportunity. I thought I had lost the chance because someone was trying to ruin my life. But I did not let that happen. I pushed on, from state to state, city to city, constantly moving and changing and adapting. Finally I landed where I am. I spent countless hours seeking out open mics, musicians and networks of people with the same vision. And now! I have been granted an extension on EVERYTHING!! Even the consult with Vali Forrester!! We are set for Mid August of this year to connect, and the timing could not have been more perfect in my life!! Since the drastic chain of events has occurred, I have landed among 3 angels who have been keeping under their protective wings believing in me every step of the way and refusing to ever let me give up! I was given the opportunity to chase after the one thing I had left, and so I did I met a wonderful and fantastic man who's small acts of kindness put me right where I needed to be, when I needed to be there. I landed a most AMAZING and TALENTED Band that I am so proud to place on a pedestal, a Studio, with the most AMAZING Producer and Co-Producer, A Photographer who knows the same hell as me, and a Graphic Designer who has the fire in his eye that I hold too, a true gift, each and every one of these people!! Wednesday, I can't believe it, will be our very first time as a whole unit in the studio to record our FIRST ALBUM!! Freedom Bound!! Hopefully we are well on our way to turning things in by the time I consult with Vali, but if not, that's okay too. The biggest lesson in this ENTIRE experience is this: Things happen the way they do for a reason. God never says "No." He either says Yes, or Not Now. Be patient with your life. Never stop believing in yourself, even when no one else does. Never stop trying to reach for something you consider to be important even if it is not to someone else. And one last thing, Shelby and Tommy, my children I was forced to leave in the care of my parents due to my Domestic VIolence situation.... EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE THE LAST 7 MONTHS HAS BEEN ALL FOR YOU!! I'm so thankful for the direction things are looking to be and I am so thankful that my kids are as strong as they are to endure this race with me! I love all of you so so so so much!! Thank you for sticking with me when it looked like I was going to fail!

Freedom Bound - A New Plan

So the album took an unexpected turn and never seemed to surface in the time frame my previous Producer had anticipated. All in all though in the meantime I landed in another state, formed a band and somehow stumbled upon the most divine collaboration ever! The Freedom Bound team consisting of 9 individuals is formally launching a collaborative effort on the album with great passion for the cause. We are "Empowering Survivors everywhere through song." No one should be forgotten about and brushed to the side left to be a victim. It's about reclaiming your life. This team includes my 4 band members, a producer, co-producer/engineer, graphic designer, and photographer. The album artwork is also in it's infancy with super awesome plans coming to fruition in the very near future! We have something so incredible to share and can't wait to announce our progress as it seems to be moving ahead at a consistent pace! Nothing is impossible! Keep the dreams alive, all it takes is a little believing!


It has been 14 months since I started my public music career. I began online with a Youtube channel just posting to gain progress. It became something I grew to be passionate about. Writing songs.

In that 14 months, I was able to establish an online presence and great group of fans to support me along the way! I was very excited and fulfilled at that point. I felt like all my dreams came true already. I was writing singing and started booking local Open Mic Nights that were super fun!

I ended up moving to another county, and found other venues to play at Open Mic Nights because I was kind of lost without being able to play, it was something I was used to.

I found a place called Over The Mountain in Rockton, PA. And after 4 weeks, I was discovered by a most wonderful woman, Bridget Knepp! She wanted to represent me and thought that I have what it takes!

Low and behold, just 8 days after I meet this woman. I rise on the Reverb Nation National Alternative Charts from 234 all the way to 12 !!!! Shows are being booked, a Live Television Interview about my journey, and a rapidly rising fan base!

My goal from the beginning was to get my first album "Dangerous" recorded. But as time went on, song after song kept coming to mind and ultimately, now I have 5 goals! I am working currently on my 5th album!!

So now, it takes a very long time to get an album ready for release, and it is very expensive.

I managed to get my own internet domain with an Official Simply Mary Fan site running, and added a donation button. This is one way the fans can help me get my album done so we can have a HUGE party for reaching the album release goal!

I thank everyone for sticking with me on this musical journey. Lately with things happening so rapidly, I have been emotionally overwhelmed. This may not be a big thing to some, but it is my dream! Always has been, and going further than your dream, is unexplainable!

Much respect to my fellow musicians, and much respect to the fans who drive us to continue. If it weren't for fans, we would have no reason to sing!


Simply Mary

America's Got Talent Audition Update

Okay, the paperwork is filled out and the trip is planned to head to the Charlotte Convention Center in NC! I am very excited and honored to be able to get in front of some producers for the show=) If I make this round, I will move on to audition in front of the celebrity judges! Cross your fingers!

America's Got Talent

Finally things are coming together for me! It has taken 30 years of an addiction to playing and singing and tapping my feet to get here! I am auditioning for AGT on February 4th in Charlotte NC at the Charlotte NC Convention Center! Weather I make it or not, at least I got there to show them what I can do!

Also, tonight is my first night out in our local community to come out of the closet with my guitar live and raw... I'm nervous, but excited to show some people I love that I have some major things inside of me to get out! Woo Hoo!

Love and Music makes the world go round! Peace to all=)

Simply Mary