Back To The Sewers

Soon I will be deleting this page. Within days, hours. Thanks, that was fun. Good bye, for now, everyone.

-Sarkis Samuel

Yes, I Love Satan.

Every time someone mentions one of my songs by name, in the comments section, I automatically remove it from the "top 6" list and put it on the bottom. Just to let everyone know, I am not into the whole sick ideal of clinging to and obsessing over popularity.

I live in the sewers

I see what you discard, i smell what you've flushed, i live with all your waste. i am the waste. i have an internet connection 50 feet below the surface. the rats are with me, the penguin's here too. there are no superheroes up where you are, there are only villains and terrorists down here. i am their leader, the chosen one, i am not supported, i am not promoted, i am not superior, i am nothing but the crushed hopes and dreams of childhood, of all your lost hair and wrinkles, of your teeth falling out and your backs thrown out and your aging pathetic. one look in my eyes and you can feel my passion burnt into this 120 lbs soul this is the future of your stupid music.

I should update my blog.

What else should I do?

In the garbage I woke from a dream in a nightmare

I am secure and content with the level of appreciation I receive regarding any low quality musical demonstrations I produce. I do not require any further enhancement in this area, nor do I wish to obtain complimentary meals, fans, likes, votes, monetary gain, sexual gratification, slaves, credibility, liability, understanding, etc. That being said, I will continue to record music for therapeutic purposes, in such a way that I prefer, using: dark themes, betraying lyrics and offensive titles that leave much to the imagination and things that I truly believe are unpopular. I do not appreciate celebrity, and I do not look forward to performing again in front of large amounts of people. Good day. -samuel, mr mediocrity.

Always Judge A Book By It's Cover

I don't believe any artist/band has sole control, domination or monopoly over music. I believe there is a place for honest, pure, original, raw grunge rock. Although from some messages I receive, if it was up to some people, I would succumb to conformity and pay huge studios and turn my back on the style of music that I absolutely love, and go for a clean, pop friendly sound. I think people have turned to that style over and over, it's been done to death. The proof is that more people are now telling me things like "your stuff is a breath of fresh air". I think all of you pop obsessed psychos out there need to capitalize on my raw grungy sound, because NO, I am NOT going away. NO, I am NOT changing my grunge style, or my 'mediocre name'. I just love the fact that I get so much recognition from barely putting any effort into the production of my music and that really BUMS YOU OUT. Well, to that I say, TOUGH SHIT. I NEVER go onto another artist's page and make suggestions to improve their sound, or criticize the way they do their art, yet it happens to me ALL THE TIME. Here's a suggestion! How about YOU try the grungy sound, YOU sit there and write 10 brand new songs in one day and record them all live in one sitting, each one with only ONE take, the way that I do? Oh, that's out of the question, right? But it's alright for me to be told "HOW IT SHOULD BE". Gimme a fuckin break. Anyways, thanks again to all the people who appreciate my stuff. All 5000+ of you. I want to collaborate with as many artists on here as I possibly can. If I think you have potential, I will contact you. Quote this raven, mediocrity.

None But The Lonely Heart

I can smell the sincerity in your generic message. I can see that you truly care about the human race. I can taste your honesty. I can vote and click you all day and night. I can like you and you can like me. Big fuckin deal.

What My Teachers Taught Me....PART 1

Bob Marley - taught me to question everyone and everything, to stand up for my beliefs and not to take anyone's bullshit, all the while having a good time.

Kurt Cobain - taught me that fame is something you better be damn ready for, and to ease into it as slowly and carefully as possible. Most people are sheep and all it takes is one "smells like teen spirit" to spoil you.

Michael Jackson - taught me that even if you have the best selling album, people will turn their backs on you for the most superficial reasons and any mental issues must be addressed/taken care of while I have the chance.

Metallica - taught me that surprising people with new directions and different styles is good, and keeps you relevant in an ever changing world.

Megadeth - taught me that revenge is a good thing. And not to ever forget what people have done to try to keep me down before. I have not forgiven nor forgotten. I am the scorpion, I am the crow.

Madonna - similar to Metallica, taught me that change is good. Always have new styles, new themes, new ideas and push the boundaries of censorship and provocative art.

Frank Zappa - taught me to write and create as much fucking beautiful art as I possibly can while I'm alive, and not to give a damn what anyone thinks.

The Police - taught me that even the best bands in the world have disagreements, fights and arguments, and to not let that get in the way of my career.

Freddie Mercury - taught me to live my life every day as if it were my last, to enjoy myself and to help as many less fortunate people as I possibly can. Also taught me the beauty of using various instruments in songs.

Weird Al - taught me not to take my art too seriously all the time and to have fun and make people laugh once in a while.

Sonic Youth - taught me to keep my head down and focus on my style.

Brittney Spears - taught me that as long as you have the right image, people will buy anything you have your face attached to.

Mel C - taught me that if you have a beautiful voice and beautiful songs, you better never change.

Eminem - taught me that hard work, sacrifice and dilligence is the only way to keep your head above water. Also taught me to keep the fuck away from drugs, and just not give a fuck what people think.

Green Day - taught me to create my own style of punk rock, and to take it to new heights, all the while not caring what anyone thinks.

songs themes pictures thoughts inspirations 2

The watery edge - Song about someone who loses a family member to various accidents involving water. drowning is a major theme. Psychic ability and searching beyond the grave for answers (much like Harry Houdini for his mother). Asking mediums and psychics of all kinds to communicate with the lost and dead. Trees, seas, bridges, backyards, rivers, streams, twigs cloudy days, worms on the sidewalk. Sign of Scorpio. little old me - The authenticity/genuineness of people. themes are trust, insecurity, "me vs the world" mentality. similar to 'why does a man' with questioning why we do what we do, and how to go about changing things. asking someone why they say they love me, when there are better people out there than myself. truly a 'mediocre' song. the sun setting, the moon rising, the wind blowing in a cold desert. things like that. Inspiration of Cancer, the crab. Sam I Ain't - Song about going back to nice memories and reliving great moments. The "turn of the century" I mention is just symbolic for childhood. The past as a holy entity, virginal, innocent. A time when everything was new and exciting. Pictures would be photo albums, home videos, rings, cards, mantles, fireplaces, warmth, anything tied to the past. Inspiration from Cancer, the crab. Die Away - this is too high pitched and too slow for my liking, but i only had one take to do it in. will have to record a 2nd version asap. i dont like it very much. Last Night I Slept In A Ditch - No real memory of writing this song or even recording it. I was very drunk, depressed and suicidal at the time. However, the title of the song has occasionally been in my mind from time to time. something like 'sleeping in dirt' or 'i fell asleep in shit', and this is the result. I think i picked the best title i could. this is another song where the title is not actually sung. Wow wow wow woah woah - Funny story with this song.My grandmother heard me singing and writing this song and said to me 'you just sing woah woah woah!' When I write songs I don't sing lyrics, I sing improv 'doos' and 'la las' and 'woahs'. she thought that these were the words, and so I decided to just call it 'woah woah woah'. not sure what the themes are yet. Sunrise On The Earth - Positive song about helping people and smiling on your brothers and sisters. This song was actually a response to someone suggesting to me that they were writing a nice themed song while I was writing "how i killed your mother". I have yet to hear their 'positive song'. I hope they still do it. The world really needs more sunshine these days. Fuck em Before they fuck with you -Song title has been in my head for a long time. Wasn't sure if it fit the song. I haven't listened to this one very much, but the themes are escaping tyranny. shadowy figures, behind the scenes. the wizard of oz, the grand reveal. Sign of Leo. She Is Desire - no comment.

songs themes pictures thoughts inspirations 1

Oh You - similar to 'it's okay' in themes. giving someone your hand, your heart and then asking them to leave, to find yourself alone. testing someone's loyalty. friendships, relations. there is no real conclusion or closure with this song, leaves things up in the air, unknown future. inability to control the outcome of things. having no control, letting go. moving on. themes include death, marriage, loss, gain, winning, losing, gambling your life, risking it all. Inspiration of Pisces, the fish, the water. soft, softer, softest - no comment other than this was not a rip off of Hole. It was a coincidence, and this is not a cover. pacifier - slow but gradual crescendo into speed, high pitched singing and squealing like a baby, no guitar solo as of yet but may copy main melody, have idea for bridge unrecorded. pictures include pacifiers, cribs ablaze, babies crying out to mothers, napkins, diapers, bibs, basically baby singing out at the world. Inspiration of fire, sign of Sagittarius. I heart Satan - story of "tommy" , a character who is encountered by a demon or devil, possessed and forced to love Satan. Themes include invasion and possession, rape and immorality. Evil, masks, hell, darkness, hopelessness. Pictures include empty streets at night..streetlights mailboxes, small animals running around, maybe rats or cats? not sure yet. coming to terms with humanity as evil. Inspiration of Aries, the Ram. lonely guy - brother song of 'lonely girl.' themes are darkness, the hermit, the crab, pride, apathy, being intoxicated, unfeeling. unworried. eccentricities and being a shut in. choosing the reclusive lifestyle. Basically being proud to be alone. Inspiration includes Elizabeth Bathory, and the Cancer sign. lonely girl - sister song of 'lonely guy', though the themes are opposite. Not wanting to be alone, feeling left behind, abandoned, uncared for. Walking empty alleys and roads looking for someone to talk to. Pretty straightforward themes. Colors are dark blue, black, greys. Rain, snow, midnight. Inspiration is 'lonely guy', just opposite. Sign of Capricorn. how i killed mom -title is a play on the television show 'how i met your mother'. this title has little or nothing to do with the song. not sure what the lyrics are yet, no themes to discuss as of yet. candy stripes for cancer - title comes from a scene from "Fight Club". the only theme I can think of in this one is trying to let someone know how you feel before they leave or die on you.