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Art Inspired by, and in Dialogue With, Nature!

I am very pleased, honoured and excited to be able to report that all is on track for MOON AND SHADOWS to be the SOUND INSTALLATION at the INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION in THE ART SANCTUARY this month! This promises to be a really lovely event! If you live in the area, are passing through or are holidaying, do visit and enjoy! Wander through an avenue of cherry trees and winding trails, and find deep ponds and secret forest rooms, chapels and a labyrinth, and listen, see, and hear…I can't think of a better place for my music! A HUGE thanks to Tone Aanderaa! Location: The 'Enchanted Garden’ is situated halfway between Brussels and Liège (40km), near ‘De Vlaamse Toontuinen’ in Hoegaarden, in the beautiful Hesbaye landscape around Jodoigne, on the bicycle path between Tienen and Namur (Ravel) on the N25 (Tienen – Charleroi) connecting the E40 (Brussels – Liège) and the E411 (Brussels – Namur).

New Album

As many of you know, I LOVE to combine the arts! I have just released an audiobook which is, in effect, a serial of nineteen chapters, each chapter lasting twenty minutes. This contains sound effects and music as well as narration! I have also released a new album of the seven pieces I composed especially for the audiobook. This is called: MUSIC USED IN THE SUN AND THE STARLINGS and it is now available to buy at Bandcamp: https://barbarahills.bandcamp.com

You can preview one of the tracks, 'Asleep in a Tower,' here at ReverbNation. Think 'Sleeping Beauty'.

The ZMR Awards in New Orleans.

Well, I didn't win an award at the ZMR Music Awards but, as eminent British DJ Terry Hawke said, there's always next year! It was actually wonderful to be there and to meet old friends and make new ones. And it was an absolute privilege to attend the concert and enjoy so many great artists - I especially loved Jeff Oster's mellow flugelhorn and Ron Korb's ethnic flutes! A huge thanks to all the industry professionals who supported me, the DJs who voted for me and to ZMR for putting on such a great event. I really enjoyed my first visit to New Orleans and I hope there will be many more!

I'm at the ZMR Music Award Show!

The nomination rounds are over and I have come through with nominations for two ZMR radio airplay awards. The nominations are for 'Best Electronic Album' and 'Best New Artist'. My album , MOON AND SHADOWS, has been in the Top Twenty album chart at ZMR for four months. This is extraordinary and I can only thank all the DJs and radio stations worldwide who have been playing my music!

Zone Music Reporter collects data from the stations that play the instrumental genres into which my music falls. I feel privileged indeed to be nominated alongside an array of very fine musicians whom I'm really looking forward to meeting (and listening to!).

At the end of this week, on May 7th, the award winners will be revealed live at the ZMR Music Awards Ceremony which will take place at the Joy Theatre in New Orleans. It would be wonderful to win something but even if I don't, it will be great to meet up with musicians, reviewers and industry professionals I have only known online until now.

I will tell you the outcome (for better or worse) in my next blog!

Barbara x

RN Local and Regional Charts not working in UK

For a while now I have been in contact with RN over the state of the UK charts which fail to recognise Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland as Nations within a United Kingdom. There are no Local or Regional charts (even if they are called this) - everyone is just lumped together in one chart which covers the whole of the UK or put in a chart belonging to another nation. I see I am at present in a regional chart for Yorkshire (in England) despite being in Wales! I have been assured that the software developers will be informed. I do hope they will rectify this as for us in the UK, it makes a nonsense of these charts.

World Music Shows!

WOOT! MOON AND SHADOWS has been added to ALL of Tommie Brewster Musician's World Music shows airing in the US/UK/NZ. Thanks so much, Tommie! http://www.ttmradionetwork.com/worldmusic#!__worldmusic

Award Nominations in 3 categories!

I am stunned to have qualified for three ZMR awards. The categories I am nominated in are Album of the Year, Best New Artist and Best Electronic Album. There are more rounds to go though. We'll see what happens. The winners will be announced at the Joy Theatre in New Orleans on May 7th, 2016. Exciting times! :D

Onwards and Upwards to The Art Sanctuary!

A new year and lots of new goals! There is more music in the pipeline and I'm really looking forwards to my music being part of the International Art Exhibition at The Art Sanctuary in Belgium this summer. http://art-sanctuary.blogspot.co.uk

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas!

Have a lovely time with family or friends, or both, wherever you are. xx

Listen Out!

Some very good news! A radio promotion for 'Moon and Shadows' is now underway and you will soon be hearing the album on many, many, chillout, contemporary instrumental radio stations worldwide. It is being very well received by the stations and I am so grateful for all the plays that are in the pipeline.