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Prisoner reviews

REVERBNATION - Wisdom of crowds review Artist: The Burn Card Track: Prisoner Date: November 6, 2015.

“When I listened to this song it was really incredible and I enjoyed it very much. The guitar was perfect for this one. It sounded like it was repeating when it wasn't. Overall great rhythm and beat. The rock singer has a very great solid vocal melody. It has a in depth meaning to the song. I very much enjoyed this song: I will suggest this to a friend later today. 9/10”

“I love this song it is a very good oldies rock song. I don’t understand why more people don’t make more music like this. Because the world could use more rock music of this type as there isn't enough clean non heavy metal rock music in the world. Good song very good beat and very good lyrics i would highly recommend this to anyone who likes rock and roll”

“Well timed and intriguing introduction. The vocals were expressive and well executed. Alot of emotion and conviction displayed from the vocals and deep, meaningful lyrics. The beat complimented the overall sound of the song very well. The talented and accomplished sounding artist gives this record alot of commercial appeal and potential. This well shaped song really kept my attention.”

“I like the drum beat in the beginning. I'm in love with the instrumentals, it leaves me bobbing my head back and forth. The guitar riff just contains a rugged feel to it, and it's just a heavy riff, it makes you wanna scowl and rock along. It reminds me of the pure metal sound of Motorhead, and the breakdown between verse and chorus is just so damn metal, the vocalist sounds so amazing and the whole song is brilliant.”

“This song gives off an early-2000's radio rock feel, but not in a Nickelback way. More of a Finger Eleven or Linkin Park way. It 's quite nice. I'm not sure which one, but it very heavily reminds me of a song my dad used to listen to while I was in the car with him. Nice instrumentals and vocals, though it seems pretty bland and repetitive lyrically. Would listen to this while drinking with friends.”

“Grunge vibe to the guitar. They have a good metal feel about them. The singer sounds angry. The guitar is great. The drums are slaying it. The rhythm is catchy and cool. There needs to be a bit more sauciness to it though. It 'd make the song pop with excitement.”

“Classic rock sound and feel. The song was very interesting and easy listening. I found it pretty good and the singer definitely has creative talent.”

“the intro to the track is atmospheric but it has a muffled sound like youre hearing it through a wall. as a rock fan this intro is a solid song. i was really enjoying the song until the singer came in. the singer has an accent that is so overly london that it really remind me of spinal tap (the 70's mock-documentary). the song is very appealing even if this style has been done a thousand times before.”

“Great rock tone. great electric guitar, singer voice fit the genre perfectly with a very rusty voice. Sounds clear and strong. A little too much instrumental breaks, lyrics sounds good has anger and power in them. singers voice goes very well with the lyrics, creating this theme of anger which gives the songs emotions. overall a good song something I would listen to”

“The way the beat started was perfect. The lyrics are very convincing, I can feel the artists emotions. I would play his song really really loud at home or anytime of the day. The guitar is just the right tone for the lyrics. Its not to loud and matches the way the song is being sung. It ended great.”

“This is the genre of rock which I like. I think that there is a good use of electric guitar and there is a good beat which is good for listeners. I think that there is a good melody and has a nice rasp in their voice. There is a beautiful guitar solo within the piece which allows for a nice piece of mind.”