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What I am thankful for

First and foremost happy thanksgiving to all the men and women of the armed forces defending freedom overseas. May your thanksgiving be safe and may you all come home safe.

Thank you family and friends for supporting me in all my endeavors. It's been a wonderful year and I am most thankful for getting the opportunity to write and produce music. Each and everyday I strive to be better because you guys inspire me to be better; a better musician, a better friend, a better spouse. I consider each and every one of you family.

Some I talk to more than others, some I see more times than most. Everyday, no matter where we are, we are brought together by music. The biggest compliment that anyone could ever give me is to keep on making music.

This holiday season please take the time and give thanks to those you love most. Be considerate of others and think before acting out and talk to love ones about the struggles you may be having. I want everyone to know that I am here for them because you have always been there for me.

Again, thank you all for supporting me, the Asian Craze Production Family, and the brain child that is the 'Actuate Movement.' I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and if anyone needs anything just let me know. Peace, Love, Actuate~

"Try and emulate, but never imitate. Always innovate and forever Actuate." --DJ Actuate

Actuate Movement motto:

"Reflect on the past, don't complain about the present, become the solution for a better tomorrow."--Adley Vahue

"Good leaders take men where they want to be, but great leaders take men where they ought to go."--Abraham Lincoln

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