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Double Album "Chasing Comets" Update

Bandits!!! So it looks like that we are hoping to release a double album of Chasing Comets Vol 1 and 2 this summer with the 2nd volume in the fall. We appreciate your support and patience as we work diligently on this project. We hope you continue to follow and support us as we strive to give you all the very best the universe and SAB has to offer. We will continue to release a few songs as teasers to the project and hope they reach your hearts well. Til then - Bandits UNITE!!!! Sincerely, Last Shogun

New full length albums "Chasing Comets" coming soon

We will be releasing our full length album to the people of earth in the next few months. We hope you will anticipate it as we are excited about putting it together. It will be our best music to-date so please check out our current material on Itunes and Amazon and tell your friends to look us up as well. Many thanks - SpaceAgeBandits

Bandits UNITE!!!

We've been working hard to put out the best material we can for our friends and fans. We just released 3 new songs "When it Rains, Monster and The KIlling" you can purchase them on ReverbNation store. Please continue to show support and love if you can. We appreciate all our Bandits out there!!!!

Anywhere but Here

Greeting Bandits, We want to firstly thank you all for your support to these 3 aliens and their droid. We are salute you all. We just released a new transmission from the mothership called "Anywhere but here" we certainly hope you all enjoy the good vibes from our galactic minds. If you want to purchase any of our transmissions soon it will be available on your Itunes but 2 are available currently through the Reverbnation store. Til you hear from us again... Bandits Unite!!!! - Last Shogun signing off.

We are here.

We've arrived earthlings and we are here to bring galactic good times to galactic minds. We have made our way here to share our experiences, our sounds our banditry to you now. Bandits Unite is our motto, it will soon enough be yours.