New Show

We will be back at The Boiler Room in Dallas, TX on April 10th!! Dig.


We are stoked to hear that you all really like the first single of our yet to be titled full-length. We are very happy with the way things are sounding and we are excited to be working with a skilled producer that is helping us shape our sound. Make sure to go check out his page--https://www.facebook.com/jordanolearymusic We have one last show left this year and it's this Friday at The Boiler Room in Dallas. Then it's back to work on the record. We are targeting a spring release so get excited, Leaders! Also you can purchase our first single "Brazen Bull" here on our Reverbnation page for $1! All money raised will go towards finishing said record. What are we going to call it??


Stepping into the studio on Sep 7th&8th to track a few tunes. Sorry we haven't had anything up for you to enjoy, but that should be fixed very soon. Come party with us and our pals Six Point Hollow at The Prohpet Bar this Saturday. We kick it off at 8pm sharp so don't miss our set.

Fresh Start!

So a lot has changed here latety at the Loss Leaders HQ. We welcomed a new drummer , Paul Pace. We also welcomed back our original bassist, Mill Hasbrook. And if that wasn't enough we moved Josh, who was our current bassist, to guitar..........Never a dull moment around here. Please come check us out Friday June 7th at The Boiler Room in Dallas. We open the show up and we couldn't be more excited about the line-up!

Recording Update

Drums are finished. Jonathan and Josh killed it! Now we begin a week of guitars. DIY is hard but the rewards are well worth it. We can't wait to share it with you. In the meantime check out a couple of demo versions on our Reverbnation page! Love- LL -

New Shows

Just confirmed October 20th in San Angelo with our good friends Favors for Favors. Looking forward to this one! More shows to be announced soon. -LL-

To blog or Not to Blog

Coming soon.