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This Is How You Remind Me Of What I Really Am!

Okay, so you're waitin on a different story, well, here it is. The H.O.W. Street Team has a new office! Ask about becoming a Street Team Member and begin to enjoy the benefits! Hell On Wings H.O.W.

Next recordings

Okay, what is going to be done to these songs? First, we're going to bring the vocals a little more in line with Shine Down, StainD, NickelBack, some of our favorite groups, by setting more "Scream!" in the lower and barotone ranges. Sort of like Breaking Benjamin does on "Diary Of Jane." So, we're going to lower some of the lead vocals. Then we'll get to the hot bass, heavy distorted guitars with lots of bottom on them, and the razor cutting high pitches of the lead licks. Add some harmonies, with scream, and we should pretty much have the sound down! Hope you like it. Hell On Wings

CyberLuv by Hell On Wings hits #25 in 3 days on Indie Charts!

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Hell On Wings
Hell On Wings  (almost 4 years ago)

Not bad, #25 in 3 days!!! Yo! Now I know what song to take into the studio next! Thanks my fans I LOVE YOU!!!


Hell On Wings
Hell On Wings  (almost 4 years ago)

where is my reply?


Not bad, #25 on a single site on the Internet in only 3 days!!!

ReverbNation!!! Yeah!!!



No Body

Hookers & Heroin! That is what the song is about. Listen to it carefully. "Two years Baby ain't no deal!" H.O.W.


Okay, for those of you who just don't get it, this is a business at which I make my living. Maybe you got a full time job and are weekend warrioring as a band, well, I really don't have time for amateurs. If I mark you as a favorite and register as one of your fans you have 7 days to do the same for us. I am promoting my music and those of my fans, which includes other bands, if you think you don't need the promo, fine, go out and fight off over ten million bands worldwide to try and make and see how far you get as an island. My weedwhacker is chopping off the bandweeds. Terry Hell On Wings Nothing personal, it's just bidness!

Hell On Wings
Hell On Wings  (almost 4 years ago)

Too harsh. I worked 2 full time jobs to make records, which I paid for, all of the recording, the publishing, the whole bit. If you love your music, you make sacrifices, and don't come off with that "All I do is music." You can't afford it and we both know it. In other words, try to be more real with you audience, especially the ones who do work everyday, if you expect them to buy your CD's, etc.


Come to Our Home!

People, especially other Artists in Jacksonville, it doesn't require much of you to become a Street Team Member, and we'll be asking little until we're ready to launch on 4 July 2008. But the benefit to you is that we'll work as your Street Team in return, and with your Street Team, thus probably doubling your man/woman power. We've become fans of every Artist in Jacksonville; that's what all the Artists in Jacksonville should do, sort of like an Artist and Repertoire of a Major Label, that is, "All work together." That's how they do it, together, What Say Ye! Hell On Wings!