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Angelia Moore to be featured Celebrity Mazine

Christian Artist Angelia Moore will be featured in Talent Monthly Magazine in February's Issue of 2015. An interview about how she got started and all about her life as an artist and as a person.

2 Weeks away from my trip to Nashville TN to Record my album

Angelia Moore will be going to Nashville to TBN Studios to record here album with A&G Entertainment. The Label of Alisa Asbury and Gerald Crabb. on the 24th

Happens of Christian Artist Angelia Moore

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Never giving up on dreams

I thank God for bringing me this far with my music, and giving me the opportunity to share this gift of song he has provided for me. Making friends around the world and blessing those who enjoy my music. Thank you everyone!

Dear Jesus in stores!

Hi everyone! My Single of "Dear Jesus" is in stores now. Start in iTunes, Amazon, emusic. via Sony music distribution.

Spreading God's Love

Thanks everyone for supporting the music I love to share that was a gift from God.

Never imagined!

I never have imagined this far. God Has been so good. I will continure to thank and Praise Him daily!

You Never Know...

You never know who or when you are going to meet someone of your past. Not only am I a singer/songwriter I am a Preschool teacher. The leave me at 5 years old. And by God returned to see me again in church and 20. My job is rewarding.

How do you feel when you know that song you have written is a hit?

When I can feel the excitement of the music, and when I can write down those lyrics that God had given me, and makes me just jump for joy, I know it is what God has given me to give to others to make them do the same. My new song "Lord, I'll Follow You" will be to you all soon! God Bless

Letting God Guide Me!

I want to thank God for blessing me with the songs and lyrics He has given to me to share with everyone. This is my dream of being a songwriter/artist and to inspire people with my songs. Nothing is false or forced. I write as he provides me with his blessings. Thanks to all who has and continue to play my songs. God Bless!

Cindy Lee Alden
Cindy Lee Alden  (over 5 years ago)

When HE is the inspiration,nothing is ever forced.
I never sit down with pen and paper with the intent of writing a song.First,He inspires me....It may be with only one word(like my song"Lean") or a phrase.I then sit down in faith that He will give me a song...and HE always does....He's gracious that way :D

Mica  (over 5 years ago)

I pray your music reaches all those God intended it to reach when he placed the song on your heart.