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Stag bar on the 22nd!

Just lined up another show with our buddies from Groovin' High. Gonna be at the Stag Bar on the 22nd, should be a good time! We might even have some new tunes for ya \oo/

New tunes!

Hey guys just wanted to throw another update out there, we just finished writing a new interlude called Pimp Scepter. The video for it just got uploaded to our youtube so check it out! Also we have another two full length songs on the way, more info on the way \oo/

Gig at the Boardwalk! 12/17

Hey guys we got a pretty killer show at the boardwalk and everyone here is really stoked about it! We have tickets to sell and we'd love to see everyone there so contact us and we'll get them out to ya! No age limit, doors open at 7 and the tickets are $10 a piece!

Five new recordings up!!

Hey guys we just uploaded 5 new recordings for you all! These are all called the Living Room Live sessions for a reason haha we also seemed to get an unnatural amount of clarity from the new iphone microphone (memo feature ft-dubs!) These will always be special recordings for us because these are all live takes and are recordings of our first full band practice! We are very proud that we achieved so many recordings (something like 8 or 9 in total) and uploaded them that very night! We want to get as much music out to you guys as possible and really get the ball rolling! You all rock for taking the time to check us out! Have a killer day!

New song!

Hey guys we just uploaded our tune Cake! I'll have the lyrics posted for it pretty quick, while I'm at it I'll get the lyrics up for the other ones to haha We got some more music on the way to! We'll keep ya posted!