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Weather The Storm in America

Funny how it's suppose the rain this whole week... in FLORIDA. I sat down by the pool and thought to myself, "Is this a sign for something?" I came to the conclusion that it's raining because there was no #JusticeForTrayvon. In some religions when loved ones pass on their families would weep and mourn for about 7 days. I believe that God is showing his compassion and weeping with us. And maybe He's weeping for us because America as we once knew it, has died with Trayvon. The Judicial System in America is a direct reflection not only to the President of The United States, but a reflection of our nation as a whole. We, The People, elect these individuals into office believing that they will make a change in the world for the better. Does this mean that The People were wrong? Excuse my language but FUCK NO! We entrusted these politicians and judges to make morally sound decisions and lately they've failed to do so. What does this mean? Well, it means that America is fucked up as a whole. I'm pretty sure that other countries are looking at us right now not only because they might be our enemies, but to learn something from us. And if there's one thing America should teach is how to stand up and fight for what's right. Fuck the publicity. Take care of The People

My Passion, My Outlet, My Music

When I feel like I'm at the end of my rope and wanna say fuck it something always pulls my focus back into this music. This is my passion and my outlet for everything. Just last night I went on a long walk because I was pissed about something and all I could do is freestyle yelling out all my thoughts and feelings. It helped clear my head and now I'm looking forward to making more music.

DirtyGFB Performing Live at Eve Nightclub July 20

DirtyGFB will be taking the stage once again at Eve Nightclub in Miami. Here are the details: - Eve Nightclub | 1306 N. Miami Ave. - 18+ Event - Saturday, July 20 - Showtime is 7:00pm - Tickets are $11. Door price is $13 Tickets can be purchased online at http://aftonshows.com/dirtygfb or email dirty.gfb@gmail.com

Performing at Eve Nightclub in Miami...

This will be my first performance in MIami, FL. On top of that I wont be on stage with my team... I told Wil King I'm gonna expand our movement to FL and build a solid team around me. But as far as this performance goes,... I'm dolo for now. Been tryna get these tickets off tho... hitting up all these sites, including dating sites...lol. If I get like 50 chicks to come out for my performance... That'll be crazy!!! Both in a good & bad way, but it'll be worth it!


...can make you do some cray things. The only thing I really got love for is God, family, and friends who've been loyal since day one. When it comes to everything else: If it ain't about money it ain't about sh*t