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Check out our latest video!

Our debut video for The Living is now live - check it out!

Last Saint Pete Show For A While

Come see us at Everything Dolce (formerly Cafe Bohemia) in downtown St Pete for a foot stompin, sock-hoppin, good time! Saturday 4/5/14 at 9PM - This is our last show in Saint Pete for a while!

EP is out

Our first release, the Matchbox EP is out. It is a 4 song sampler of the band's live sound. We hope you like it. It can be found just about anywhere you look for music these days. iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, hell, even Amazon has it! Thank you for your continued support - we hope to see you at a show soon

Matchbox EP Release Date

Hello. We have almost finished mixing and garbling our EP. We are calling it Matchbox. We hope you will like it. It comes out June 29th at our release party. This place is called Everything Dolce and it is in downtown Saint Petersburg, FL. It's a coffee house/beer/wine kinda joint. What's really cool is that they have this beautiful outdoor courtyard with a stage. So we love playing there, and whats more it is a family friendly place so you can bring your little guys with you. Also, bring some drums. If you have been to see a lushbudget show here before, you know the drill... bring something to bang on. We can't wait to see you all there, and everyone who attends can get a copy of the disc, a new hedgehog t shirt, and for like, just a little bit of money. All right, then. See ya soon.

recording in progress

just got back from pittsburgh pa where we worked at Mr. Smalls Recording Studio with tracking drums for our upcoming release - getting close! Can't wait for you guys to hear the new songs!

Recording in Progress


We have had a great time playing out the last three months, developing our music, and building our live show. Now it is time for us to make a damn record. Starting this week we will be spending an absurd amount of time in the studio working on our first release! We are planning a KickStarter campaign to help pay the bills, so we would appreciate any support. So the plan is to have the recordings done and pressed by January for a CD release party that you are all invited to. That would be awesome! We will be posting our progress here, on our website lushbudget.net and our FB page as well

Thank you all SO MUCH for your support at the shows. We can't express how much we love you guys!

Talk again soon,