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Lots of bands face the decision of whether to record an EP or a full length record. We were no different. In fact, this being our first release, there was extra consideration of what shape the sound would ultimately take. In our case, we ended up writing 20 songs and narrowed it down to 12, electing to make a full-length. We enlisted Ben Kasica's (of Skillet) studio Skies Fall and joined up with Nick Radovanovic to handle the project. We took lots of time with the songs and close to a year in the studio recording them, experimenting with different sounds and techniques. We used lots of different guitars, amps, pedals, mixing techniques and more to make sure each of the 12 songs stood on their own, rather than having 12 songs that sound the same.

When it came time to press the CD, that attention to detail carried through to the track order. We blended certain tracks together to achieve an album listening experience and flow, rather than just a group of songs thrown together. There's something about listening to an album from start to finish that we all love, and we wanted to carry that experience through on this album.

The result is a group of songs we're extremely proud of musically and lyrically. If you're a fan of hard rock, we think you're going to enjoy it. Thanks for taking the time to read and check us out. Please tell your friends about us, feel free to share a track with them, and if we come to your area, we hope to meet you at a show.

Michael Salamonski


Modern Echo

Modern Echo's debut album 'Spirit In the Machine' is available on Itunes, Facebook, and www.ModernEchoRocks.com!