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Keep Writing!

There have been spells where my mind and heart are filled with songs and I'm racing to get them out - then there are times it seems the well is dry.The key to being a songwriter for me is write every day. I have written probably a thousand songs or more that will never be heard by anyone - but kept the pipes open. So don;t sweat if you have a "dry spell" just keep writing - and experiencing things to light that spark again!


When you work to see or feel it, it is not there... when you are consumed with life and all the chaos of living, it comes and quietly lays its hand on your shoulder... the trick is feeling it, not shrugging it off and sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee with this old friend, who may not always say what you want to hear, but has never told a lie

Listening to virtual shows

If you've ever listened to internet radio, you can listen to Rock's live music shows. Go to www;rhobelliott.com and review the calender - any entry that shows a show will broadcast the stream on www.rhobelliott.com

Rock Doghouse in Second Life

One of the most amazing things live performance artists can do today is to stream music via SHOUTCast or ICECast and have it heard not only anywher eon the internet but within "venues" in virtual worlds like Second Life, inworldz, SpotOn3D, etc. So live from my studio I deliver solo shows 3-5 sometimes even more times per week. Check me out in second life : ROCK DOGHOUSE