Gucci Made Hand Grenade

In 1973 Gucci Made Hand Grenade was sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to DJ STATUS’ lavish estate in the Hamptons. In all seriousness, the group formed for a love of electronic music. Wether that be House, Electro, Break Beats, Fidget or Dubstep. People who only like progressive or breaks or house exclusively really need to get a life and stop being so blinkered. Music’s music and that’s it, it’s either good or bad. I think for some people dance music these days is a fashion statement. We all love something and in turn, the others. Performing live is what its all about. The tingle that shoots down your arm when you hear a euphoric track, at first you think its a stroke. Then you come to realize that something in that rhythm nailed you right in the soul. You bob your head, maybe dance your ass off, but in turn you respect the music. Which is why we do what we do. Djs arrent just Djs any more, they are producers, music makers of our generation. The only difference between us and your favorite band is that you wont hear our tracks played on your “HOT 101.4 billion the Hitz!”. Ours is music for musians, music lovers and appriciaters. So remember you were here, remember what you listened to but most important of all. F&$k What You Heard.