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Hit your boy up on twitter @honorabletimg. Tweetin' new singles and freestyles as we speak!!! Go listen and get with the Truth Click movement. ONE!!!

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Much respect to all the people who have liked Tim G. Jacob on facebook. But I want you to check the click page...www.thetruthclick.com...We got some music on there I'm sure will enjoy. We got A. Wells mixtape Rumble in the Radio on there and music from Dink Da Hustla. Go now!!!

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Shouts to all of you following my team at facebook.com/thetruthclick and on twitter at @thetruthclick. Also, look for me on twitter @honorabletimg. We trying to bring something new and fresh to everyone across the country and continue doing what we do on these tracks while repping the South. This music is an everyday thing and we are putting together something special. Stick with us. thetruthclick.com. ONE!