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Lyrics for my Ep, "Christ is not a Fashion"

1. THROUGH CHRIST. Here I am, God! I give you everything I am! I am just a man at your feet! Begging for mercy! Begging for forgiveness! Longing for strength! Needing you! My whole life I have lived for myself! I now give you everything thing! I WILL LIVE FOR GOD FROM THIS PIONT ON! ... This is what I stand for! God, the broken hearted, myself, the weary, the weak, the strong, you and me! I will bring the light to a realm that you dare not touch! Reaching others that you can't reach! I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST! WHO GIVES ME THE STRENGTH 2. WORDS FOR THE FALLEN. Stand tall, don't ever back down Never look back... "We've come to far, to turn back now" From nation to nation, let your vioce be heard So many will try to bring you to your knees Stand tall and never let another man chose your path I see, what this world can do to me And I see, what your words can do for me I live for God, not for man! 3. GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS. Does the cross around your neck mean nothing?? You live your life as if God isn't watching! Is that cross around your neck now meaningless?? It is meant to be a symbol of God's love. Not something to hide behind. Should we not hunger for him more than just a Sunday church service?? You only lift your hands because everyone else is. Tithing has now become something we have to do, not want. Everything is meaningless if your heart isn't there! WE ARE ALL BECOMING FAKES! Love is about sacrifice! And as God sent his only son into this world he gave us just that! Anyone can look good on the outside, but it's who we are on the inside that counts! You wear that cross like a crown! But it's really a dagger killing others around you slowly! Father, I ask you now. Take away all my hate. Teach me to love. Let my words be yours. Lord, speak through me. 4. NEW BEGINNINGS. Jesus! I need you! Jesus! Oh how I adore you! Jesus! I long for you! Jesus! Oh how I love you! Here I am, I'm laying at your feet. I give you everything, this is the start of something new. This is my new beginning. AND I WONT LET YOU STOP ME NOW! Your words are leading them in the wrong direction! You are not who you claim! You don't even know how to walk yet you try to run! Live what you preach! Stop being a hypocrite! You're words hold more power than you know! 5. SILENCE. These days silence has become the new trend! In the church you sit in the back pew, so no one will know you are there. Never once speak a word, head down and eyes closed. For you are not praying! Why are you so afraid to speak in front of your brothers and sisters?? They are not here to judge, only to love! And if they won't... I WILL! Do not be ashamed of your faith! He will be ashamed of you! For how great is our reward in heaven. So open up your mouth and shout the truth! Let the whole world know who you stand for! I STAND FOR GOD! Wake up, open your eyes! See the truth! It's right before you! All you have to do is speak up! Reach out and grab the hand of salvation! For Christ is not a fashion! 6. GLORY. I'll walk away, with my head held high! Swallow my pride! You can take everything... But you can not take my faith in God away from me! YOU WILL NOT STOP ME! I will believe, even when there is nothing left! No ground to stand upon! My God will be praised till the day that I die! Glory, glory be to God! Glory, glory be to the King of everything! Glory, glory be to our God!