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Spotlight Cafe, From the office Chair

Its interesting every time to see the look on peoples face, when smething new approches. I was never one to say the Idea itself was that original, just that its rarely done. One of my biggest what ifs of the grand opening was "If there was performers, would we had sold better?" Never really good to dwell on these thoughts, not for me at least, 'specially since the 26th is going to Include Myself and/or the Otis Band. It was, and still is hard not to deem the opening a success when you consider the looks on th faces of those who were there. we put a lil bit in the biz account, and alotta bit in peoples souls.


Not gone lie, this sh!t is hard. Bookin this Calendar as a Paid artist tho is rewarding. I started At 19 with a pen and a pad, Now NMP(an NoXp Entertainment Company) gotta Buzz louder than a beehive. The summer is Bringing on a 6,000 seater festival in Kalamazoo MI, as well as the much anticipated Party On Neptune Tour! and Much more. I don't say it to brag, I say it to inspire. #Strtd frm the bttm nw we hre