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Hi Friends,

We have the pleasure of returning to the ever-so-cool Southgate House ballroom for a very special night of music, next Friday, October 14.

We will take the stage at 10pm, opening for one of the greatest songwriters in the region, Jason Ludwig. It's Jason's release party for his two stellar new albums. Trust me. They are incredible and have been on heavy rotation at the hive.

The Newbees will be jamming out songs from all four of our albums and taking no prisoners. And, Jeff and I will also be appearing in Jason's backing band as well.

It's going to be a full night of music. For $12, you will get into the show (18+) and get one of Jason new CDs.

Hope you can make out, Misty P www.thenewbees.com www.thenewbeesplaythebeatles.com www.jasonludwig.com www.southgatehouse.com

P.S. Don't forgot to download the brand spanking new NEWBEES APP for your android.