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We're Back !!

After a hiatus from Reverbnation to get a lot of other things together, we are back. One of the things we go together was a new website, www.satoribob.com

Come check out the site for pictures, music, information, and the portal to our mailing list.

We have some great gigs coming up, and we urge you STRONGLY to come out and see the Satori Bob Large Band whenever possible. We are working hard on arrangements and instrumentation and simultaneously recording our first album as the Large Band.

See you out and about!!

Attention Visitors

Just so you all know, I'm taking a break from keeping up with this Reverbnation Page. For updates on Satori Bob, visit www.satoribob.com, our new site with music and calendar and so much more. You can also find us on Facebook under Satori Bob. The restriction of Reverbnation on music file size is a big reason I'm moving on, but keeping up multiple calendars is another. Be well. Come visit www.satoribob.com J

Videos From The Mist

Keenan, our intrepid guitarist, just unearthed a couple videos of Satori Bob from our appearance last month at the Emerald Valley Opry. They were posted by some lovely soul in attendance at the show, and for that we are thankful. We are labelled as an Original Country Band, which is a first, though it might get us more gigs in interesting places.... See the videos at http://satoribob.com/photos-and-video

The Large Band

The Satori Bob Large Band made our re-debut at the Granary last night in downtown Eugene. The crowd was great, dancing and yelling encouragement. The Band is getting tighter even as we get more nuanced and dynamic. All the players are so damn talented and give generously to the songs, something those in attendance pick up on. We are having fun and making great music. Special thanks to Joe Goodwin for being our Sound Tech Extraordinaire last eve. We'll be back at Granary in March and April. See www.satoribob.com for new photos and videos from the Granary (coming soon), and look on the calendar for more up-coming news and dates.

Satori Bob's New Website

C heck out our new website at www.satoribob.com We have new music recorded by the Satori Bob Large Band, a mailing list signup, and a calendar of upcoming gigs. Check it out!

New Website

2015 is heavily upon us, and in response to the madness, Satori Bob is preparing to launch a new website. We shall announce it as soon as it goes live. Stay tuned!

The Years in Review

So, I'm reading the local paper today, Sunday, Dec 28, 2014, and perusing the Year in Review section, charting the past year, and I think about this wonderful Satori Bob project. Seven years ago, roughly, Devin and I took our years of jamming at parties and family gatherings and formed a duo. Originally called "Oh...The Parsnip," we decided it might be too avant-garde a title for worldwide success, so I brought back a previous band name I used with Bob Gagnon, "Satori Bob." We added the amazing Jeff Langston on bass after a grueling audition consisting of two emails and one listening session, then brought in stellar guitarist Russ Wilbanks. We carved out a niche in the Eugene scene with a mix of my originals and our favorite obscure cover tunes, and then cut our first album together, "Strangely Familiar." There were live radio interviews and consistent radio airplay, bigger and better gigs, and a very busy gig schedule. The summer of 2013 saw Jeff move to Portland with his family, and the fall of 2013 saw the departure of Russ to Florence to his new family. I began playing a LOT of solo gigs, and Devin and I revisited our duo roots. Eventually, Noah Kamrat joined us on upright bass, I found Della Davies, our lovely and talented violinist (or "fiddle-lin" as she prefers) having a beer at Falling Sky, grabbed Keenan Dorn, our "boy wonder" guitarist in a moment of desperation short of personnel for a gig in Saginaw, and consummated a long flirtation with drummer extraordaire Beau Eastlund this past fall. This new "Large Band" is recording demos which will be available early in the New Year. The sound of this 6-piece band must be heard, it's a very different take on Satori Bob music and is pushing me in new and interesting songwriting directions. Other members of the Satori Bob community, including Jeff Langston and Bob Gagnon, will continue to bring vital energy to ongoing projects. There are many things in motion. Big developments are on the horizon including professional representation/affiliation, a new recording in NYC in the spring of 2015, a fundraising campaign set to kick off in January, and the ongoing consistent gigging schedule. Thanks to everyone who has been on this ride with us so far, and please stick around - it's just beginning to get interesting... Peace, John and the rest of Satori Bob

The WOW Hall !!

Satori Bob makes their debut at the historic WOW Hall on Saturday, June 14, with a special opening set from 9-10 for the highly acclaimed Garcia Birthday Band. The WOW Hall has hosted legendary performers through the years (http://www.wowhall.org/past-events) and Satori Bob is thrilled to be a part of the long lineage.

This special show will feature Satori Bob composer/vocalist/guitarist John Baumann joined by Devin Newman on banjo, Noah Kamrat on acoustic bass, and special guest Bob Gagnon (Vermont Bob) on guitars.

We are very busy this summer, warming up for a new recording, a national tour, and a collaboration with a NYC record label. Come out and support us at the WOW Hall, and come see us at the wide variety of venues we're haunting this summer. Check out our gig schedule at www.satoribob.com or www.reverbnation.com/satoribob

Stay tuned! More to come!


Satori Bob is breaking out

This looks to be a watershed year for Satori Bob. Fresh off our performance at the Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma in support of Ken Campbell's film Secrets of Augustine (which featured 4 Satori Bob compositions), we are looking at a year full of recording and touring, with label support. More details on that to come. In the meantime, we're gearing up for a major fundraising effort to support our push to the next level. More on that soon. If anyone out there is interested in being a part of the Satori Bob fundraising effort (organizing, advising, etc), contact me (John) at satoribob@gmail.com. We're constructing the fundraising architecture now, putting the finishing touches on songs to be recorded, and plotting a tour that will take us across the country. Exciting times, and we want you with us.


It's the first day of spring, 2014, and new opportunities are bursting out. Satori Bob will be announcing a major new development soon, so stay tuned. We are going places, and we want to bring you with us. More details as things become confirmed.

peace to all,