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New Album Tales

Yes that's right folks, only a year after the release of Elder lore/The dark arts, we've released another album "Tales". It's a concept album based on classic fiction literature. Featuring references to great authors like; H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells and even Homer. We really stepped it up a notch this time so please take a minute to check us out. www.tribunemetal.com

Preparing for "The Elder Tour"

Ahem Ahem.... Preperations for our tour are coming along swimmingly. The van is fueled and the side launching missile launchers are armed and ready for the highway patrol. Our new adamantium plated 5 by 8 trailer shall serve us well. All that remains is to reprovision our larders before our Great Journey. Refried beans and rice shall serve us well. We're looking forward to throwing down with our tourmates Nihilate and Ascesis just about as much as we're looking forward to drinking the cheap booze in Alberta! New album in the works, and more material for ANOTHER album down the road. We're stoked. This is going to be a kick ass tour!