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album complete!

the album took a LOT longer to finish than expected but the finished product is pretty bad assed! Check out 'disclosure' in our store or stream from our reverbnation page!

Moving on up!

Excellent! Moved up from #139 to #121 on the Lehigh Valley metal charts! Thats pretty pro everyone so thank you indeed. Worked on the final mix of "Oh my god... It's full of stars!" last night -- heard a glaring error that's driving me crazy // going to re-record that section completely this week. Also worked on "Etherial Escape", got a nice tight mix going on now, im excited to release that. On the less-heavy side I have a few blues based jams I recorded earlier this year I was thinking of releasing as well... time will tell!

recording recording recording

I finally buckled down and started working on the first official E.P. from p|a -- after I started working on it I realzed I had an issue... what was the issue? The fact that every song was quite disjointed when put into certain orders. How am I fixing that? WRITE MORE. First E.P. may end up as two. We'll see.