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Are "we" good?

I dispute what is not just. I also believe whole heartedly that we all have talents. Now there are people out there who will use your heart and utterly try to damage this. All I can say is that if you are on the receiving end, try to distance yourself because being around that kind of person is toxic. Be persistent. Be optimistic. Be able to experience the joy of being happy.

With that said. Certain people do not like me musically. They say my music sounds to monotone. They say that because I drop the octave and distort out a chorus that I don't know how to produce music.

To that I say........

I HAVE 120,000 people (give or take) that love my music. I have been to the 58th and 59th Grammy's on a independent label. I built my own studio Sacrificial Lamb. I have merchandise. I made 13 records in my life.

I will never stop, ever.

So to all those people that try to detract us or derail us. Say f*ck you.

We are good!

Gimp Hallowed Ground LMT

Auditory Hallucinations

My 2nd Record is coming out when it drops, meanwhile............ you'll have more shit to make your ears explode. 40,000 strong!!!! Screw everybody else!!!! I love each and everyone of you, you're my BOSS!!!!

Gimp Hallowed Ground LMT

The Vision Fans

The record is out, thanks to every single person that listened to my music. I promise I will create original songs, create different concepts as long as you are honest, forthright and support my musical integrity.

Gimp Hallowed Ground LMT