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"Two Sisters" Continues It's Attack On Radio

Fiction Plane's scorching new single "Two Sisters" continues to pile up the spins. In addition to KROQ-LA begining to play the track, "Two Sisters" went into rotation at KDLD, CD101, WXSR and WSFM this past week. To view a complete listing of stations with "Two Sisters" currently in rotation, click HERE.

A New Not So Great Novel By Charles Dickens

Texan Expectations

So, we have been to Texas before, but only really Austin, which everybody says is totally different than the rest of the Lone Star state. Based on what other people have tended to say about Texas over the years we landed in Dallas with a set of quite deeply ingrained prejudices. In my mind the average Texan would be a disgustingly overweight pustulant pink toad, willfully ignorant of political realities, a rootin' tootin' down home racist/homophobic/bible banging/pigshit thick heart attack waiting to happen wearing a big hat and smoking a fat cigar while bathing in a Jacuzzi of greenbacks and pissing oil on the poor to keep their wife, who is also their sister, amused.

While a person of such description may exist somewhere, during our four days in Texas we met literally NO ONE even vaguely unpleasant, ethically dubious or morally retarded or indeed anyone who would fill any of these traditional criteria of "Texacity", "Texan-ness" or even "Texanacity". Right down to the guy cleaning our dressing room toilets, everyone was a true gentleman/lady. We had the pleasure of playing for some of the warmest audiences so far, meeting some of the nicest audience members so far and having them all show up to our headlining gig at The House of Blues where we debuted our new song "Sadr City Blues" (surely not a "typical" Texans' favourite subject but received with open arms nonetheless). Our support band "Odis", who were fully capable of bouncing us off the stage, took us out for an unbelievably scrumptious late night meal at Kenichi where we had to cheer on the exhausted, overworked and slightly tipsy chef Bodhi (a child of the Grateful Dead scene, thankfully still capable of sane thought) while a Studio 54 style soiree ensued all around us.

As we arrived in Houston, the old prejudices began to perk up again. All the talk was of Houston being a 'Nothing' city, a worn out old oil hub with no soul, no fire, no action whatsoever.


Wrong again.

Wall to wall pleasant folk, nice hot weather (I like it when it's actually toooo hot) and 50 square blocks of nightclubs next to our beautiful hotel, all raging through the night, bursting with sweaty bodies, themselves bursting out of the skimpiest of skimpy rags, fishnet butt floss and street bikinis. No complaints from us anymore, Houston is happening.

In other news, thanks to you guys, we are standing in 2nd place on the RTL 2 poll in France, only behind Indochine (who are like a properly famous band in France) and with 10! Times as many votes as Green Day! Woohoo to that.

Item 2…. Our current release "Left Side of The Brain", out on "crappy little small time indie label" Bieler Bros, is poised to outsell our first album "Everything Will Never Be Ok", which was released by the "gigantic mighty behemoth" of MCA records, just one month after its release. Thanks so much to all you guys who've stuck with us during the tough times in between and thanks to all you guys who are just getting on board now. We are trying to create a musical tornado and all of you guys are helping make it happen!

Item 3….just wanted to remind everyone of our headlining shows in Boston at the Paradise on the 26th of July and New York's Bowery Ballroom on the 2nd of August. These gigs are super important to us and we'd love to see you, your friends, your friends' friends or even your pets at the shows so spread the word and we'll do the rest!

Item 4… South Park is just so good! Futurama has its moments! Hannity and Colmes totally sucks!


scullyd90  (about 10 years ago)

Haha I hadn’t seen this yet.Being a transplant to Texas I can relate to the fear that the state will live up to its over the top reputation. I discovered much as you did that Texas is not always to be dreaded or maligned.However in some cases Texas has earned its reputation from half-truths. Residents are fiercely proud and it’s the only geographical entity I can think of that’s commonly tattooed. They love red meat and mounted long horn cattle heads constitute tasteful décor. The state is larger than life and might as well be its own country because even the longest day trip won’t get you much outside its borders. Lucky for us there are a number of completely random sites close to home including a Tiny Stonehenge.True to people’s word Austin is a bastion of liberalism in an otherwise conservation state. If you want to eat at a vegan restaurant or shop in a metaphysics bookstore you’ll have to make the trip there.Peace,Kelly R

Kimmels and Bits

In the fiery frustrations of last week's flight delays a few key items were omitted.

Item 1. Jimmy Kimmel smiles out of one side of his face, is very polite and caked in foundation.

Item 2. David Spade thinks our band is called "The Pilot Inspectors". That's a new one to go along with "Friction Pain", "Picture Frame" and "Function Plan". Hmmmm. No one ever got "Santa's Boyfriend" wrong.

Item 3. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. (Apart from those scary flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.)

Since then we've spent the week in LA having various degrees of fun. First off, an event sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger (sp?) at Avalon. A last minute artistic decision saw the stage placed in the middle of the dance floor whilst the VIP's were housed on the stage. A stupid idea we thought. We were wrong. Playing in the round is the future of rock and roll. People all around! Sound is all around! Spinning around sowing seeds of audio joy from rainbow coloured love buckets! Etc. Not to mention drunken clothing magnates slurring through the Rolling Stones' back catalogue and careening back to their hotel room on a train of JD and Coke.

A few more big arens gigs passed off without major incident or drama followed by Friday's headlining show at the Viper Room which was, for us anyway, totally awesome. We firmly salute all those real fans that came, some from as far off as JAPAN! (kono chikaku desu ka?). These are the things that really make it special. As many huge stadiums as we get to play with as many prestigious bands, it is the people coming out and getting involved that inspire us to continue to give everything we have every single night. So, like, thank you all!

Saturday came all too quickly, our 6.30 set at Dodgers Stadium felt like a breakfast show. Time to WAKE UP!! Not always easy but we did our best. It was fantastic to have the Foo Fighters playing though, a real band that people love, including all of us! AND, they were perfectly nice! We sat in traffic for 30 minutes trying to leave the stadium as the Police started their set, people were ditching their cars in the street, cheaper to pick up their rides from the pound than waste the price of the LiveNation tickets. We then arrived at what would be the second most awkward gig of the week, an acoustic show in a hotel bar. Engineered by valet guys rather than sound guys, we had no control of wether microphones were turned on, off, up or out. Hopefully it sounded ok and again we thank everyone for turning out, especially those who SKIPPED the Police show for it! Oh the guilt!

So 7 gigs in 6 days concluded we had the simple matter of an acoustic performance on Indie 103.1 on the REGGAE show at the Malibu Inn. Asked about the meaning of our name we answered that it is about not having to choose what kind of music we play but instead we just do what feels natural and that we're only a reggae band when we want to be (ie for the 2 songs with off beat skanks and our infinitely extendable dub jams). I think we may be the whitest, indie rockest band to have graced that particular show, something that we consider an accolade of sorts. Anyway, it was rapidly downhill from there as we kicked into a performance of 2 sisters to the horrific realisation that A: No vocals were turned on B: The guitars were painfully loud and C: Taylor Hawkins was sitting 5 feet from us, randomly enjoying a drink and witnessing the whole debacle with blood-curdling clarity. Oh the shame!

We plan to send out sorties of death squads ahead of future acoustic shows to hunt down and destroy inexperienced sound guys. Until those guys arrive, we'll just do our best!

103.1 The Buzz Presents Fiction Plane!

On July 12th Fiction Plane will be playing a special headline gig at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, presented by 103.1 The Buzz! Tickets for this sure to be sold-out event are on sale now.

Videos From Fiction Plane On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Two videos of Fiction Plane's performance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" have made their way onto YouTube. Click on the song titles to see full versions of Death Machine and Two Sisters.