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Our first feedback from La Porte D'en Arriere. #1 in Pennsylvania!

BRC Top 20 Week Ending August 10 1. "La Porte D'en Arriere" Gary Roadarmel & the Parish Commissioners 2. "Back In Your Arms Again" The Mavericks 3. "Wine" The Lucky Tomblin Band 4. "Momma's On A Roll" Lee Ann Womack 5. "Jealously Insane" Johnny Bush 6. "Trademark" Carl Smith 7. "Detroit City" Bobby Bare 8. "One More Teardrop" Andy Vaughn and Driveli ne 9. "Lackawanna County Blues" The Saddletones 10. "I'm Barely Hangin On To Me" Johnny Paycheck 11. "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It" Hank Williams Sr 12. "Farewell To Carolina" Carl Caldwell 13. "Rose Garden" Lynn Anderson 14. "Got A Feelin For Ya" Kelly Willis 15. "Here Comes Country" Joni Harms 16. "Grandpa's Barn" The Roys 17. "I'm Over You" The Boxcars 18. "Amigo's Guitar" Laura Cantrell 19. "And So It Goes" Don Williams 20. "Just Call Me Lonesome" Radney Foster Can't wait until Wednesday evening and the IBMA announcments Oldest track of the week "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It"

Debut "Digital45" release (08-07-12)

"...As Porter Hall Tennessee inevitably disbanded in 2011, and in the same nature of all the true country outlaws, Gary Roadarmel left Nashville with nothing but the wind and a guitar on his back and a new solo acoustic album under his belt titled Yesterday Bitter Forgotten. A new calling to find a deeper spirtual inspiration. Now, newly rooted in the swamps of South Louisiana, Gary is combining his former roots of Appalachian bluegrass and Tennessee honky-tonk, with Louisiana Voodoo and Cajun. Adding just a twist of that 60's and 70's garage punk and a New Orleans based crew consisting of Christopher Winter on drums and Andrew Witchez on bass, The Parish Commissioners are now in session.

On August 7, 2012 Gary is releasing his first digital 45 single under The Parish Commissioners name. A vamped up version of D. L. Menard's Cajun classic La Porte D'en Arriere kicks off the A-side. This is a unique version combining the Cajun diatonic button accordion, frottoir (Zydeco rub board) and triangle with honky-tonk bass, drums, electric mandolin, and overdriven guitars. The B-side is a Roadarmel original. An instrumental titled Bedico Blues. This time combining a New Orleans mardi gras parade beat with fuzz guitars, oscillators, a theremin, and Harley engines giving the track a swampy biker movie soundtrack feel. The outcome of the full length recording promises to be a big gumbo of all of the music that has influenced Gary thus far. Even in title, NOLAMF (inspired from punk iconic 1977 punk album from Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers LAMF) promises to be Gary Roadarmel's most ambitious recording to date. So tune in, drop out, and let's geaux! The Parish Commissioners are coming! Ca c'est bon!" - from PC's bio

Amazon link- http://amzn.com/B008NZNZF6

eMusic link- http://bit.ly/PnOF7J

Itunes link- http://bit.ly/OGSx0k (will not be live until release date)

Promo video on youtube - http://youtu.be/bSChfEsxAfI

My new band is on the way!!

The poles are open. We are assembling the board of The Parish Commissioners. We will take the world through honky-tonk, garage punk, and Cajun music. We do not endorse the Republican party. We do not endorse the Democratic party. WE ARE THE PARTY!! You must decide. Oui ou non? Allons! Ca c'est bon! -Emile

Yesterday Bitter Forgotten

This recording was done on Sunday August 14th 2011. I recorded these song alone in anticipation of my first ever trip to New Orleans. It was all done live with an AKG condensor mic and a Sure sm57 to one stereo track. I played my grandfathers 1958 Martin D18 on every song. Angry Johnny painted the cover and the rest is history. Yesterday Bitter Forgotten -Gary