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It was Nathan Hale who stated with conviction as he was about to be hung for espionage (spying on the British during The American Revolution), "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." This was the period in America when the people sought to have their voices heard as loud as the woodstock '69 soundsystem while standing in front row on the brown stuff.The stuff they said wasn't good and may have adverse effects on one's psyche. And all the while Wavy Gravy was helpin' those in need who may have fell into the dark times of the brown stuff. And this was the good stuff that made America the country that spawned the stories and legacy it had become for so many years. We seek to revisit the purity, unity, and inspiring days of American history by helping to establish a future based upon peace and love, rather than war and hate.

I had the chance to speak with Brian Greene, who brought the concept of string theory to a mainstream understanding (constructs of reality), and he had made a tremendous point on how luck plays so eloquently into human existence. I believe that with good intentions and thoughtful, kind behavior that this world can begin to shift into a lighter and more productive consciousness. Such a consciousness that would rid the planet of senseless acts of hate and murder, and would enlighten the most troubled of beings. This aspect of change does not require violence, nor hurt, nor hate. For this aspect of change within the American, essentially the global community, requires nothing more than the medium of love to transcend its power through the avenues of music and smiles. And as long as the smiles and music have the best intentions behind them, where every individual seeks to heal as they empathize, not hurt as a result of apathy, then humanity will begin to feel and become the love they intend upon one another. And it is this love which will revolutionize humanity into the honest and just species humans have grown to know we have the great potential of totally being .

The Power of You

Once you realize the power of you, the universe will reveal itself in ways that would only seem like magic to some people. Others may call it coincidence. Though it is a fact that just like magnets we attract. Believe in the power of your thoughts, and perhaps you will live within your very own dreams everyday. That's the beauty in being free. That's the beauty n realizing the power of you.