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yesterdays complaints

yesterday complained a winged narrow arrow blade i choose not to kill this maid i knew her in peru we were both so soft and so new i flew away too soon ill never complain again just hope and pray and crave and bay with hell hounds howling at noon

i bulit a home for two all alone and haunted by you if i could fly i would hunt the sky till all day and night and mornings sky aim my eye to find you

i flew away on big jet planes horrified id die without my eyes on you they kept a smile these eyes tho sometimes it hurts to lie but to get someone down and make em' frown will certainly not help them find you

So my head was up and my collar was down i killed a clown, he laughed too much it wasnt a real laugh, he made me do it i follwed him to his office where he plotted to kill all the bosses i like my boss

i found some change in the alley and purchaced a limozeen it was so clean i had to muck it up with chalk and crud i drove that car as far as i could slowly. and abondoned it in the heart of the american desert i knew it wanted a break, so i let it rust its still there burried in the coughing dust

i follwed time to the otherside of mourning beside a dead pony stood a yong girl who gave me a wish and a rainbow i knew it would come true so i wished for her pony to breath anew she told me the pony wasnt dead yet it was merely resting, she said i could ride it if i wished i wanted to but i dont trust wshes, they crumble in dreams they leak they bleed / she left smiling

i was picked up by a truck, a big smiling man, skin as dark as the road played bible tapes and showed me his home the cab of the truck was decorated with candles and hyms he touched my arm and said "your not him" "who?" i mused, expecting crazy speak whoever you dont wish to be my friend more wishes iv been drinking your wine. why? i thought it was mine.

the sand and sparce green plants sourrouned us nothing was in sight, but the setting sun revealed stars above and we drove loudly under them i thought this was a good spot to get off the man informed me that i was in the middle of the desert i could likely die "i doubt it", i replied "im not writing this story" he looked confused but gave me his hat and harmonica to play when i get too busy i left him smiling

what have i gotten myself into welll i knew too soon, memory, sweet as a needle to the brain im not ready i was running out the blues theyll cath up eventually but softer than louder the longer i wander so i walk slow

as i get to the end if the desert my mouth feels like the dry skin of a dead lizard my skin dark and my heart covered in hot shadows but my eyes kept smiling and my legs kept walking strate thru into the water i drank the salt like soda waves crashed thru my head i shouted at the dawn it rained for nine days i walked a long walk alone along the oceans coves i ate what i found i grew several inches i killed birds with my hands and ate the eyes first I learned much from the ocean it taught me how to sing formlessly like a dead mans last pistol shot, baby

i spied.. a blue car a bank a baby an employee a stray black dog an old bearded face young shining eyes surf boards clothes accessories telephones sanity? graveyards armymen volleyball grandmas cooking tan breasts caves birds and bats and baseball hats and shoes and blues and shock and zoos wages cages.. an old waman in the ironwood forest, she told me this story.