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A message to our Listeners!

I want to personally thank all of you for joining our mailing list. It is great to see Acoustic Drive growing with new listeners and new Artists. By you joining the mailing list, you have the inside scoop for all of our latest promotions, like free 'Tabs' for the greatest shows, of our featured artists. The more active our listeners are, the more we are connecting with, and helping our local music scene grow. We want to continue to thank our listeners for being a part of the next generation of local music, in new and interactive ways.

Support Your Local Artist -Visit their facebook/reverbnation page '-Like' their band page on Facebook -Download their songs on iTunes -Go to a show and Tip them -Tell your friends about them, and where to find them -Tell us about someone you know that you think should be on our playlist Stay tuned for new songs to be added, and new artist that we discover.

Check out some of our latest promotions: $20 Bar Tab - 'Share' the most songs from our Playlist. $20 Bar Tab - Name the next song release by Jason Jewett 2 Free Drinks - Show your App at the Bar at Turkey Creek Bar & Grill $200 Cash - Best Music Video made for one of our Featured Artist $20 Meal - 'Share' and 'Tag' a pic that you took at a show of one of our Featured Artist $20 Bar Tab - Most 'Active' listener on facebook; Likes, Shares, Comments, Tags

Thank you again for being a fan and as always, thanks for listenin'. Jon Laureles Acoustic Drive Records

Our Artists

Acoustic Drive Records wants to thank you again for listening to these great local artist. These amazing and talented artist are who we consider the root of all great music. Local and unsigned, they put their heart and soul into their music-and we can't get enough of it. Please show them the love and support that they deserve from their listeners. All of the featured artist are here on Reverbnation and on Facebook. Here are a few links where you can find more of their music...

www.reverbnation.com/jasonjewett www.reverbnation.com/mattdayband www.reverbnation.com/theurbancowboy www.reverbnation.com/ashleybradberry www.reverbnation.com/dereklarson www.reverbnation.com/roberttorres www.reverbnation.com/thedeathlessdogs www.reverbnation.com/wolfcritton www.reverbnation.com/woodygibsonthehighlife

What Drives Us

Acoustic Drive Records specializes in recording, promoting, booking, and marketing new up-and-coming solo artist. From recording a few tracks for a demo and recording live local shows, to the whole artist release promotional package - our Job is to get you heard. Contact us for recording, promotion, and management discount contracts for artist in the DFW area.

Go to our 'Artist Playlist' and listen to some of the newest artist that we have discovered. Our Next one could be you!