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Hello again,

Well, we managed to win the semi-final round against some great competition in the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase. The finals are March 1st at the Rev Room. We need the support, so bring it!

We've posted some new dates. We'll be getting out of town a bit for the next few months. Tulsa, Ft. Smith, Memphis, Jonesboro, Conway - we're bringing the show to you!

We've got new tunes brewin' and we are very excited to share those with you. But you'll have to wait a little longer. We will add them to our sets as we complete them.

This may be the cart before the horse, but we are really hoping to put a full length album out in the Fall.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

- The Revolutioners

Moving on Up!

To the eastside... deluxe apartment and all that.

We've had a couple of good shows since we have last posted. Also, our debut EP is for sale on iTunes or at a show. We'll be apart of the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase this year... Also, we are working hard to put an album together for you! Hopefully before Fall...

Stayed tuned.

1st Blog

OK, we're not exactly big on blogging. But, we figure we should let you know what's going on.

Currently, we are in the middle recording some new tracks. Our plans, as of this moment, are to release an EP by Thanksgiving. Most of the tracks are complete. However, we have a lot of material ready to go.... Money makes the world go around. So in the words of Benjamin Del Shreve, "Hey man I look good, I play guitar, can I have some money?"

We have a couple of shows coming up at Juanita's. Aug 31 w/ Break the Silence and Sept 24 w/ My Darkest Days ( "Porn Star Dancing," and "Casual Sex") and a new group OtherWise.

Good things coming. Sit tight.

- The Revolutioners