Million Dollar Dream, Vol 1: Fuck Love

So what is the mixtape going to be about? A mixtape full of LOVE. What kind of love? All forms of love...the good and the bad...more the bad (hint 'Fuck Love')! You should expect a great mixtape front to back, and a sound for everyone to listen to. Release date is New Years! #fasho

This Feeling

The feeling is deep than the erection that is occurring. It's held in the heart. Scared? Shy? Nervous? Why? You know me and I know you so why hide what could be. Are you tired of being hurt? So am I. Are you thinking if it was to be our friendship would be ruined? Not me. I don't date or sleep with just anyone so I know this is something HUGE I feel. Am I in love? No, but I do have feelings for you. Damn why does it have to be like this.

Mr. Nice Guy

I am the guy I have always been. But after becoming a nicer guy...I have reached my boiling point. I am I going to flip out? No, because I am an adult and that would be childish and I am far from childish. I am going to keep my space and let life take its course.