Rock The Mic Competition

I'm trying to win a position at KC Black Expo's Rock the Mic so please vote for INVAL!D's "American Born"! They are only picking 20 spots so every vote will help. Thanks. http://www.rockthemickc.com/

Reality Just Hit

I AM ABOUT TO DO A SHOW ON A RESPECT VENUE STAGE IN KANSAS CITY! This is my time to shine and do me! I'm not sweating any competition...I'm so focus you just don't know.

Life's Rollercoaster

I'm not gonna lie, this summer WAS going good for me...until today! Next month I was going to be on Hot 103.3 but my FUCKING Mac broke down...so now that my $ is fucked up....I'm stuck! Something gotta give...I put my HEART and SOUL in this.

Azealia Banks

You just now getting on her? Late ass mofo! That's my bitch...been my bitch!!!

Experiementing with Sounds

"The Strange Case of INVAL!D and Mr. Haskell" is completed and will be released February 14th. What to expect? ALL SOUNDS! Literally! Hip-Hop, Pop, House, and etc. I wanted to make this mixtape to expand to a wider group of people, but still keep true to myself. So I hope you will enjoy it. 02/14/11.

The Strange Case of INVAL!D and Mr. Haskell

Mr. Haskell has another person deep inside of him named INVAL!D. INVAL!D only comes out when he is drunk. Mr. Haskell is known as a very nice guy, but INVAL!D is known as a rebellious beast. The Strange Case of INVAL!D and Mr. Haskell is the name of my mixtape and that is the background behind it. #FEBRUARY #FASHO

Mind Control is HERE!

Listen and download the new mixtape! http://www.datpiff.com/INVALD-Mind-Control-mixtape.300704.html

MIXTAPE! "Mind Control"

Million Dollar Dream, Vol !: Fuck Love have be put on hold so instead Mind Control will be released in January. BE READY! #FASHO

Million Dollar Dream, Vol 1: Fuck Love (Tracklist)

On December 17, 2011, a tracklist for the mixtape, "Million Dollar Dream, Vol, 1: Fuck Love" was released. Let me inform you that once the mixtape is released in JANUARY its tracklist and title may look a little different. We are working HARD on this mixtape for everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Million Dollar Dream, Vol 1: Fuck Love (Tracklist)

!. Gotta Go (Intro) (Prod. by Kidd L.A.) 2. Real Is On The Rise (Prod. by Kidd L.A.) 3. I Want It All (Prod. by Kidd L.A.) 4. Real Talk (Prod. by J. Cole) 5. I Just Can't Do It (Prod. by Tyler, the Creator) 6. Do What You Will (Prod. by Clay Vernon) 7. Forever (Prod. by Kidd L.A.) 8. Keep Ya Head Up (Prod. by DJ Daryl) 9. All I Do Is Think Of You (Prod. by Kidd L.A.) 10. Go Do It Again (Prod. by EPIK THE DAWN) 11. What Is Love? (Prod. by EPIK THE DAWN) 12. Breakdown (Prod. by J. Cole) 13. Midwest (Prod. by Kidd L.A.) 14. INVAL!D (Bonus Track) (Prod. by DLS and Lu-Tenant)