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ML is spreading like a rash, but we don't itch.

Last week we had our first show at The Wild Rooster in Ft. Worth. It was a great time with some pretty wild people. Looks like we will be back at that venue on May 17th.

Let's talk about this week's adventure coming up. We will be invading Dallas again at another debut venue for us; Redrock Bar and Grill. We were out there dropping off flyers and spent some time scoping out the venue. First off, this place is bigger than it looks. Tons of seating, pool tables, big bar area and a great stage. We have a sneaky suspicion that this Friday night is gonna be pure greatness. In Fact, we predict that Jack, Andy, Gary, Steve and Andrew may just max out on their particular brands of crazy, leaving Dave to mop up the mess later.

This wild and crazy night will be dedicated to Oscar Wofford and our Monkey Brother, Greg Wofford, with all our love.

See Ya There!!!

Another first for the Monkey Love Crew. ADDISON!

Slidin' towards the Dallas side of town this Saturday night. ML is making our debut at The Lion and Crown located in the Addison Circle. From everything we've heard, this place has a killer crowd and an awesome vibe. We can't wait to get our groove on at this place. We expect much mayhem and a new wave of subscribers to the Banana Nation.

So if you're a Dallas-Ite, come Getcha Some Monkey Love at The Lion and Crown. We'll see ya there!!!

It's Debut Time!!!!

That's right, Monkey Love is making our big debut at Diamond Jim's in Arlington. This place is pretty big with a great dance floor and cheap drinks. What a great combo!!!

We are stoked to be getting out into new places this month. On the 16th, we make another big debut out in Addison at The Lion and Crown on the Addison circle. Add in the 8th and 9th at Willhoite's and you've got lots of chances to Getcha Some Monkey Love this month.

We'll keep posting the invites for ya, come on out and spend some time with us, we'd love to see you!

Catcha Later....ML

Not yer Mama's Monkey Love

Well y'all know the cast of characters and we've been playing for a couple of months with the new lineup and we just gotta say, "man, this is fun". I can't praise these guys enough for all the hard work they've put in to new material, rehearsals, gigs, promotion, videos and just a ton of positive energy.

We've been fortunate to have such great fans supporting us over these past two years. In addition to the Banana Nation, we've been lucky to have such a wonderful music community to learn from. Trust me, there's some seriously awesome talent here in our area and they have been nothing but totally supportive. Like the dudes that fill in at a moments notice and just kick-ass. Scott Keys, Jimmy Siddens, Patrick Smith and Jef Empringham. Thank you guys and we'll still be calling on you for future help, I just know it. This amazing and talented community also includes our 3 former bandmates that have greatly contributed to our musical shenanigans and continue to crank out killer music. Thanks to Rick Thompson, Jim Kingsley and Jacob Farley for your talent and we wish you much success in your current and future music projects.

So, let me say a big Happy 2 Year Birthday to the band that keeps a smile on my face pretty much all the damn time. Steve Byas, Andy Pearce, Jack Miller, Greg Wofford and Andrew Marton; sob, sniff...you guys complete me.....LOL!

The 2 Year Birthday Party will be at the Tap In Grill and Pub in Grapevine this Saturday night, Oct. 20th starting at 8:00 pm. Hope to see you there. Getcha Some Monkey Love while we're still jail bait.

Great Monkey Lovin' weekend!!!

Whew, Thursday night big party at Bronson Rock, then a great duo show at Cork It in Grapevine. We finally got a Saturday night off and believe me, we needed it.

But, can't rest too long. We will be rockin' Keller Tavern this Friday night with our "Every Day is Mother's Day Party", then we have a private party we get to do Saturday night.

The boys in the band want to thank all of you who came by for the gigs this past weekend and let you know that we've put in a few new tunes that we know you're gonna love. Getcha Some and we'll talk later!!!

PS: Don't forget the new Monkey Love wristbands are gonna be here soon. Be Ready to show off your undying love for your favorite band!!

Banana Peels are Good For You...

The boys wanna thank everyone who came out last weekend. It was a blast. We already have a killer month of May set up for you. Starting right away with the Tres de Mayo Party at Bronson Rock. Then the duo plays a Cuatro de Mayo Celebration at Cork It in Grapevine.

We will also be breaking in a new venue performing at YourWay in Keller and rocking the big stage on day three of Keller Fest.

Big month with Monkey Love...Keep checking for updates..Getcha Some!!!

Bronson Rock - Twice in one weekend...

Big time Friday night and now we are playing a birthday party this Sunday evening. Trust me, there is no such thing as too much Monkey Love. Hope to see you there at 5:00 pm. Be sure to like the page and love the band.

We got Bean's this week!!!

Judge Bean's in Keller is gonna be rockin' this Friday the 13th. Don't let the date scare ya, the Judge is one of the friendliest places around. See Ya There,,,

Getcha Some!!!

Weekend was awesome!!!

Gotta say, that was an amazing weekend. Huge crowd with major party attitude showed up at the Big Barn Friday night to watch us. Superb action by Scott Keys on keyboards and Jack Miller on the harp and vocals. Believe me, there was mucho dancing and craziness.

Saturday afternoon debut at Keller Tavern for St. Patrick's Day was a blast. Big back patio, filled up every table with people rockin' to us. We even picked up a little dude, guitar player named Gage for our final song. Much fun awaits in the coming weeks as we make returns to Judge Bean's and Bronson Rock. Getcha Some!!!

Big Weekend Ahead

Big time for the Monkey Love as we head into Big Barn Friday night the 16th with Scott Keys. Then a 2 hour extravaganza at Keller Tavern for our debut on the 17th starting at 1:00 in the afternoon out on the patio. Catch us this weekend and be sure to like our Facebook page. Just type in Monkey Love BandGetcha Some!