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In the Begining

It all started with Joe Bills (vocals and acoustics of Tomorrow In Today). He first discovered he had a wonderful vocal talent. Joe Bills worked his range up and down, until he could match pitch of once popular songs. He also found he had a relatively good sense of pitch. But the hunger for more didn't stop. Joe BIlls wanted to know more about music. He began messing around at his school, and in his house. He had a piano available to him and soon picked up the guitar also. Soon he began writing his own music and after a few years at working on lyrics he built up his confidence enough to start getting some gigs on his own. He started young age 15 trying to find gig's and it wasn't easy for Joe Bills. He attempted to make a fan group by expanding his personal Myspace page. It was starting to work well for him, Joe bills was getting on average about 100 plays a week on his posted songs. Joe Bills continued to improve his tone quality and the extent of his range. He looked more to country and jazz to mold his voice into a more mature tone (though he never wrote, or did any covers of any country or jazz music). Joe Bills worked hard in the community through his school and other local events. Joe Bills nearly overnight became a local sensation. The streets of Canton have heard his name, and love his music. Joe Bills one of the members in Tomorrow In today. and why he's important.

The CayJays
The CayJays  (about 5 years ago)

We like your music too. Good luck with it. We have a lot of original material...not sure what you'd be looking for but free to look lol.