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December Luna Music will soon be releasing the second, and most recent album, "Children of the Mystics." This new album features three original songs, and five instrumental pieces in varying genres, from folk to experimental.

Rose would like to personally invite any and all visual artists to have the pleasure of designing an album cover! The design should encompass the album title's name, "Children of the Mystics," and feature mythical/naturalistic elements. Some examples would include: fairies, the elements of fire, earth, air and water, dragons, etc. You may also include December Luna Music's logo. The goal is to be as creative as possible, and interpret the theme how you envision it.


Send your high resolution artwork via email, including your name, for recognition.

Submissions can be hand drawn or computer generated, but MUST be original, and not reproduced from any source. Artwork will be re-sized to approximately a 5" x 4" square, to fit a standard CD case, so the artwork rendered should fit proportionately.

The submission deadline will be July 31, 2013.

Email Rose directly at: events@decemberlunamusic.com

The artist with the chosen album artwork will receive recognition on the album itself, including a short biography, contact information, website links or other information the artist would like to promote. The artist will also receive copies of "Children of the Mystics" and promotion via social media to December Luna Music's database of thousands of fans.

Additional compensation to be announced.


Love and light,



The Beginning of Change

What makes us fully human? What distinguishes us from creatures that roam free, hunters and gatherers, feasting on nature and completing their life cycles in the wild? Why did we create these concrete jungles and shuffle ourselves inside offices, giving other humans too much power and money when they prove themselves more cunning and deceitful, more domineering, than the hard workers who are slaves at their feet? The slaves who struggle every day for money that won't pay their rent or feed their families; the same money that buys Porsches and yachts in California for fat cat businessman.

If feelings, emotions and the commonly used word “soul” makes us human, than it seems that the ones who are the least human of all, succeed in life. The ones who deny their compassion, their human decency, and the equality of all life – those are the people who have fortune and an easy ride. Perhaps these money driven people are the real zombies- perhaps our society is divided by money and possessions, and the only real people left are the ones who struggle day to day for their paychecks. Perhaps this is all we have left of the human race- blue collared workers who earn half of what their skills should pay, and brainwashed rats in cubicles, gritting their teeth and smiling at their zombie bosses.

Perhaps humans were an experiment after all- our DNA may be comprised of alien form on one side and a whole new genetic creation that is capable of love, and humanity. We are all connected as man, but we fight forevermore to set ourselves apart and distinguish differences between one another. Instead of discovering and rejoicing in our unique talents, we are constantly told to conform and have sets of behaviors to blend in with society. Was this part of the experiment too, or are we failing as creative individuals, and misusing the tools given to us at the time of our creation?

Why does one hold a career, that typically does not coincide with ones personal enjoyments? The avid musician is a call center representative by day, and the painter risks exposure from hazardous materials at his electrical factory. Why? To provide for his family that he created, because his passion proves unfruitful for money. Why was the family created in the first place? By following his human instincts to procreate, which is disguised by ecstasy, lust and pure enjoyment of the sex act. Procreation must have been intentional by the grand architect, otherwise it would not be so natural and pleasurable. However our instincts to “do what we will” or what pleases us, has been repressed by our religions or our societies, in turn denying what makes us human in the first place.

Perhaps the grand experiment of the human race was to define our perception of beauty and pleasure, and to enhance the gifts of the arts and the deeper meanings of life. Aesthetic belongings and high dollar items are only significant of a person not completely satisfied with his own emotional and mental well-being; whether that be with his social life or by his enslavement of the concrete jungle. At what cost is a human soul, a human's creativity? A life of overtime and neglect of his family and friends, or his own psyche, in trade for a McMansion and a 3D television? When the stock broker comes home to his bottle of scotch, or the desensitized nurse comes home to her crying child, do they realize their humanity has started to dissipate just as the ozone layer?

Perhaps we need to find exactly what it is we desire; what, without other influences, our personal path was meant to be. Perhaps the only way to save humanity is to save ourselves first; to create beauty and light, and restore the faith we have in ourselves instead of in a God or each other. If we restore our star right, our individual selves, perhaps then we can unite as one enlightened nation, ready to take on anything the universe or fate has to offer.

Love is the law.

-Jessica Rose Price

copyright 2012

Theories in patterns

the open desert horizontal space reminds me of the infinite number of possibilities we are all connected to- as each particle of sand and each water molecule are separate and valid in their own right, as cellular molecules rub up against each other in seas of DNA, so we as humans, evolved from apes, chafe against each other in life, sometimes in embrace and sometimes in hatred, other times indifferent. patterns are what scientists use to prove theories and patterns are what i see in human behavior. psychics- or those who are called so, are advanced pattern scientists and observationists. hail khep-ra.

-Rose Price 2/2/12

Merry Beltaine!

The rain softly drips onto the roof, and the birds sing sweetly this morning. Yesterday was Beltaine, or May Day as most call it, and celebrates the cycle and rebirth of life and nature.

I am so excited to be surrounded by the greenery and lush landscape of Pennsylvania once again. The desert holds a special place in my heart, but the woods are where my soul belongs. I revel in the water, the holy liquid of the gods that is present in running rivers, streams, and creeks. I recently visited Ohiopyle State Park, and was dumbfounded by the beauty and simplicity of all the elements combined in perfection.

This Beltaine, embrace and appreciate your loved ones, and despite the hustle and bustle of everyday modern life, know that, as above, so below; the wheel is ever turning and we must never forget the roots of our existence.

love is the law. hail khep-ra!

-Rose Price www.decemberlunamusic.com

"Petals on Muses" CD Review!

"To put the music of Ms. Price into lay man terms, it is simply incredible in many aspects: mostly that of being unique, technical, but catchy enough that even non-musicians would get hooked. Trance-like melodies, intertwining with Baroque essence makes listening an enjoyable experience in the truest sense. Her heart and passion of composing speaks to you through every note your ear takes in. Give this artist, this true artist, the time of day to sample her work: you will NOT be disappointed."

-Mr. Houston Huff - Tucson AZ

For ordering and more info visit: www.decemberlunamusic.com

Great to be back in the Lehigh Valley!

I'm making so many new friends and visiting old ones- and of course spending time with my family. I have never been happier to be in this beautiful landscape, surrounded by trees and wildlife. I see beauty all around me and it inspires me everyday to continue down my path of being a musician.

"Petals on Muses" so far has been a huge success! I have sent copies to my closest friends/family and now through Paypal, my fans can order my album! I'm excited to be working on a new album, and booking for new venues and events. I will be starting to practice with the Moravian College Orchestra again next week! Really excited about that!

Hail Khep-Ra! Love is the law.

-Rose Price www.decemberlunamusic.com

9/30/11: Nostalgia and the Guitar

As I sit here typing on my laptop, listening to classical Indian sitar music, I take into account my inspiration for writing a blog after a substantial amount of time of refraining from such: "The Social Network." It was a movie with the star of Zombieland as the main character, and is basically about the tribulations of starting the next new internet craze; however in the beginning of the movie, the heroin is blogging on Livejournal, a website I used heavily in my high school years, then later on around 2007-2008; I stopped blogging quickly when I started the hell which was interior design online classes. The hours I spent, pouring over my Livejournal blog, typing furiously and justified in my words to anonymous screens on other computers, about my crazy, young, married life, are unfortunately lost in cyberspace, never to be seen or read again. However perhaps that was best; after all, I had to keep most entries private, even from my no-named, just-username, account, because of the brutally honest truth which I would never speak aloud, to anyone.

Recent days bring my blogging to a happier note, however. I find myself all around in a better state of mind, a more creative spirit, and a better morale than the past six years. Going through a divorce in your young twenties leaves you feeling drained of all energy, but at the same time, I constantly recognize all that I have done in three months, and I know I am on the right path.

My new Luna Guitar, the Phoenix, is one of the most wondrous instruments I have ever played. Viola of course is my first and foremost instrument, however the guitar has always fascinated me, and I became obsessed with the Jewel-chick-acoustic-sound at 15. My first guitar was a black, cheap, $50 Guitar Center gig, and it was too large for me. Many callouses formed on my teenager hands as I strummed Nirvana and Green Day; I still have a picture of me, with my tongue sticking out, in a Kurt Cobain t shirt, holding my black guitar with a look of teen angst and amusement on my face. Never would I have known then, that seven years later I would be the owner of a Luna Guitar with a built in tuner, EQ, and with acoustic/electric capability, all surrounded by the artwork of the mother of pearl inlays of the phoenix around the sound-hole, and the moon phases on the neck. The sound is rich and resonant, and the size is the typical Luna size, and thin in girth; easy for me to access all notes. I highly recommend Luna Guitars to ANY female artist, and any males who appreciate quality sound, as well.

With "Petals on Muses" on the horizon to be released, I am feeling content and excited for the future; I am seriously considering a CD release party, featuring my musician friends and their bands, to perform. November and December are extremely busy for me, and I'm also looking forward to the Civic Orchestra concerts!

Live today as it is your last. Love is the law.

Love and light, Rose