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Stockholm to Hollywood

I wrote a blog about how Rock n' Roll captivated me and I dedicated all my life to it. You can read about it here, Ricky: http://www.rebelhotelmusic.com/stockholm-to-hollywood/

We had guests last night in the studio...

We did a really fun interview with Vignette Obscura Magazine last night in our studio, it will be issued in April....

Rebel Hotel Interview in Screamer Magazine...

We did an in studio interview with Robyn Weiss from Screamer MAgazine and it wont be more honest than this, here it is: http://screamermagazine.com/interviews/rebel-hotel-creating-trends-following/

Rebel Hotel at KLOS 95.5

Thank you all for the support on KLOS 95.5, here is a link to keep on voting... http://www.heidiandfrank.com/f/stayorgo

Rebel Hotel on KLOS Friday 2/21/14

Rebel Hotel will be on LA's 95.5 KLOS Friday morning 9am on the Heidi and Frank show Stay Or Go, call in tell us what you think about our songs people. 800-955-KLOS

King'z Studio show 2/14/14

Rebel Hotel live at King’z Friday night SUMMARY: Band ELECTROCUTED on stage, Security back on the streets and distribution deal secured….. not kidding….

First!!!! THANK YOU ALL for the energy and madness last night and CHECK THIS OUT,, When we’re about to kick in the second from last song, RIQUE goes down like dead meat, I tried to catch him and realized what was going on, he was SHOCKED FOR SECONDS BY ELECTRICITY, it PULLED ME IN and went through both of my arms and I went down like a sack of potato in a growl, Sato then grabs me and get zapped like lightening…..when we got of the floor, we were beaten the living crap out of, JUST LIKE ROCK N’ ROLL SHOULD BE…… I have BURN BLISTERS on my hands from my strings and some strings were broken of my axe... I hope someone caught it on camera and can pass it on, would think it’s a good laugh....WE do think it was our OWN lighting rig that PUNISHED US, and I wanna POINT OUT we are NOT UPSET ABOUT IT at all …Its Rock n’ F’n Roll…. And we’re fine!! LAST NIGHT WAS AWESOME, after party too!

Well.. you never know what will happen when Rebel Hotel takes the stage, even we don’t….…. Great night great ending, but we wont do it again,,, I hope.. Good to have you back B.. More about distribution, TBA this week….

What have happened lately

We're happy to let you all know that we just set up a new bitchin' studio in Hollywood, got 5 songs from our upcoming record "Visualize Believe Conceive" pre released 'cause we had some struggle to the account of the economy but we wanted to show all our fans that we're still serious biz and take this band seriously and we're hanging in there no matter what. So please enjoy, come and see us live and lets keep the party going. RH

Upcoming release we are excited about.

Rebel Hotel is currently working on pre production of our upcoming release. We are excited to put our new songs down and we feel very strongly its gonna be a killer record, and that's what we all want...Thank you all for your support and we'll keep you all posted about progress..

October 13 show CANCELED

Ricky have not recoverd enough from a bad dose of flu for the year and is not yet back on his feet for the show tomorrow. We are already rescheduled for a show Saturday November 10, and Rebel Hotel guarantee to make up for it that show.

Ready To Ride!

Rebel Hotel is currently recording some new material as well as a video! Stay tuned as this will be one ride you will not want to miss!!!