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I Will

This's addressed to all my haters, whether male or female. So take notes & dont leave out the details. I am out of this world like no other, & every time I write a song, I blow my cover. If the beats not hot, then my flows aint, I need a perfect canvas for the masterpiece I create. I back facts, no opinions on the resume'. Im all about reality, you rappers just anime'. When I was young, I bit my tongue, just to be nice. Now they get theyre feelings hurt 'cause Im so precise. So what yall want? I call it how I see it, & yall created this, so dont be mad that Im'a be it. Chris Chirp yeah boy thats the alias, & only good souls can enter my radius. When im on the track, yall know I let my guts spill, & if nobody makes it out of Austin... I Will!


Ay, give me a song with purpose, & Im dishin out my service. Its Chris Chirp on an Anderson Production makin em nervous. So Im hoppin in my cleats, they done told me take a hike. Now Im climbin up these cliffs to make em say "Im out of site". I kill tracks often, represent Austin, you can fly me 1st class, yeah thats what its costin! But Im backed up by my team though, & we flying Super-Heros, so in to the clouds here we go, we just livin out our dreams, whoa! I aint playin with these lames man, they just hatin on my wings span, they all on the ground, watchin me fly around, sayin "why cant we do what he can"? Ima tell you boys why, talent so fly, yall can have earth cause we hoggin the sky, never in ya life should you ever even try, to come this far, we don got too high!