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**UPDATE 11.15.15**

Just an update on the next album "Heaven Turns To Hell"! First i must apologize for my absence, this has been an album almost 5 yrs in the making and recording, and re-recording, set backs and everything else, this album has become quite the lengthy project. I promise you though that once it is released, you will not be disappointed! As of today i finished recording track #5 of the album, and only have 4 more tracks left to go. As more anticipation on completing the album, i will be going back to school in April 2016, and so i promise the album will be completed by that time, if not before then. I appreciate all my fans patience, as i am a single recording artist recording each instrument separately and mixing each track as well. The tracks i have completed so far (Heavens Turn To Die, The Perfect Lie, Dying Dreams, Angel Cries In The Darkness & All Have Been Laid To Rest) sound absolutely amazing, and i'm sure they will sound even more amazing once they go to mastering. The remaining tracks (Nightmare, Heaven Turns To Hell, Legion Of Hell & The Earth Is Dying) are in the works at the moment, and should be completed soon. I look forward to having another update here again soon, and will definitely let you know when the album is completed and when i have a release date. Thank you all for being a fan, and hope you'll all stay tuned for further updates. Thanks! ~ Joel (Dying Dreams)

"Dying Dreams" in the making.....

Joel is the lead band member, and only member of the band "Dying Dreams". Back in 2010 Joel decided he wanted to write and record his very own metal music, but didn't feel like dealing with all the bullshit of looking for band members and such, and so he decided to make this band all his own. Joel is a drummer of 20+ yrs, but in the last few years, he has picked up on Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, and even doing metal vocals. He sat down one day, and just started messing around on the guitar to see what he could come up with. Well, after coming up with a few awesome riff's, Joel recorded the riffs, then added all the other instruments separately. After recording all the instruments, Joel then mixes them together himself and does the editing himself as well. When that's all done, the album is completed and released. And so is the music behind "Dying Dreams".