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Rog's 60th Information

What is Rog’s 60th?

Rog’s 60th is a movie born out of a music video of Roger Fisher’s 60th birthday party. Taking on a life of its own, the project has evolved into a story of the brotherhood, community, and music of its creators and friends. The sketch below highlights Roger’s creative, flamboyant and outrageous personality while the film tells the joyous, emotional and sometimes humorous story of Roger’s life journey to his 60th birthday, as seen through the eyes of his brother Michael and told to his son Michael Jr, as the younger version struggles to come to an understanding of his relationship with his cousin, Roger Fisher Jr. The work draws heavily on 40 years of media, including behind-the-scenes photos, Super 8, Beta, VHS, to current digital audio and video technology.

What’s Next?

We're closing in on our target of a 2011 release. To date we’ve done everything ourselves on this project and managed to keep the costs in hand. We have put off the the expensive things for the last. We still have some tricky scenes and animations to add including another live theater performance with full concert audio and video production and of course editing and finishing. This movie has a personality and mind of its own and is demanding to be the best it can be. Imagine… two brothers and two brother’s sons, finding their way through their life journeys, and providing a glimpse in this film.

Visit the following link to view the project and make your donation: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2040400347/rogs-60th-a-life-journey-of-music-and-brotherhood?ref=live