I'll Say It For You.

The people who decide that it is necessary to go to war. Should be the people who fight that war. I'm talking both sides. I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that if this policy were implemented. There would be no wars. Suddenly world leaders would find common ground. And would be the best of friends chastising us about settling our differences with violence.

If it was easy... The Grind

We all Grind in some form or fashion. Any venture you partake of will have great moments where the only reward will be the reward in doing. If your venture is not one of necessity or obligation, but of a personal nature. Then your success will lay solely on you love and/or commitment. Because there will be no outward reward. And because of mind set, no apparent progress, thus no inner reward. No motivation to continue. So they quit. Do Not Quit! This Is The Grind. It is suppose to be hard. That's why it's called the Grind and not the Picnic. Do what you do, because it is what you love to do. Let doing it be the reward. All else will follow. Time will pass if you continue. It will also pass if you quit. If you quit because of any other reason other than not enjoying your venture any more than you probably quit, because there was no external reward. And perhaps it was the reward that you truly love and not the venture. I don't mind the grind. It's almost non existent to me. I expect everything to be difficult, and at the same time hope for smooth sailing. How can you tell a blood and guts story with out going through some blood and guts stuff?

On Fame.

I once read a story about Archaeologist discovering an ancient people that over many centuries had many kings. They found detailed information on all of the kings, except their greatest king of all. He left no detailed information of himself, because he was so loved and adored by his subjects he thought that his name would be on the lips of people for for all time. So he left only this inscription. "The King". We have no idea who he was, but we can learn from his vanity.

How I Write Songs

I listen to the instrumental. Over time it may reveal words. (I really start to think that I hear words) It could be any instrument. From there a concept. And then a song. Sometimes a hook will pop into my head. sometimes I go fishing on the keyboard. As soon as my feet touch the floor. I singing a made up tune. From there a multitude of song ideas. Lyrics are almost always hammered out. No way around it. Once in a great while a gift song. (seemingly writes itself)

If it was easy.

Everybody would be doing it if it were easy. This is what separates the winners from the losers. Can you keep going on. Even when there is no certain victory in sight? Can you ignore the naysayers. Can you brush aside the self doubt. Are you prepared to go it alone. Can you handle setbacks and negative criticism? Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. The greater the prize. The greater the cost. Success is not for the meek, shy or timid. You have got to have heart. And wear it on your sleeve. You have got to believe in yourself when know one else does. And not just believe, but know in your heart that the best in life is your birthright. And that it is yours for the taking. But take it you must. Do Not Give Up!

The journey of 1000 miles.

. Walking across the country and achieving goals are very similar. They start with steps that must be taken in the direction that you want to go. Even one tiny step towards where you want to go sets you on your way. As you pass familiar people they can not see that you are on a trip, because they can still see you. And their is no apparent outward change. However inside, the distance between is greater than that which separates the East from the West. One exists and one lives. Set your bar high, way high. Way beyond your wildest expectations. And then, go for it! Look at it this way. The great wall of china is huge. So huge that it can be seen from space with the unaided eye. This great wall did not get placed there in one piece. It was constructed. one brick/stone at a time. When the very first stone was laid for a wall. That first stone became a very tiny wall and not very effective. No one will see it. And yet you are, constructing a wall. How ever by placing more stones together one at a time, over time.....Your goals will take shape. They have to take shape, because you are building it. And more often than not. You get out exactly what you put in. And that is measured in heart not out come. This is where people screw themselves over. It is not about the destination, because one day we will all die. It is about the time spent between our birthday and our last day. Because if you think about it. The time before your birth and the day after you death has no real significance or relevance to you. It's like the party don't get started until you get there. And the game is over when you leave the court with your basketball. So all that really matters is the journey. That's why your striving is your actual success. because ultimately we all kind of know the ultimate out come .

A category by any other name....

I don't write songs for genres. On one popular music website http://thespotlightzone.com/ I am at or near the top in 3 different genres. On many sites I place myself in the singer songwriter category from lack of accurate choice, but I am then associated with the people with the acoustic guitar doing folk music type songs. I wish that there was a category for people like me who are multi genre song/music writer singer/rappers.

Where the danger?

To me, there should be some element of danger in music. In all art, in fact. I don’t mean the cliche type of danger but danger in that you don’t always know what’s about to happen, even if you’re listening to something for the 50th time.

The jump shot

As a kid growing up in Albany, NY I like most boys went to Trinity to play basketball. I was around 10 yrs old and shot the basketball like a frog leaping. A much older boy or young man by the name of Merlin saw me shooting and asked me if I wanted to learn to shoot a real jump shot. He spent a whole hour showing me. Trinity wasn't always open so I went to Lincoln Park to practice my shot. I didn't have a ball so I had to wait for someone to show. after practicing my 1 foot jump shot. The guy there was leaving. He asked me did I have a basketball? He left me his. People often ask me why do I always have a few basket basketballs in my trunk. I often take these people to the basketball court with me. So that they can meet me as a Kid. See the lesson/gift that I learned/received and how I pass this lesson/gift on as an adult.

I wasn't born with self doubt. It was a gifted curse.

We think that we encourage kids, and most do. however we also discourage them by placing limitations on them that we place on ourselves. I do not coddle kids or baby talk them. I give them tasks that are difficult. And i love to see their faces and the face of adults when they accomplish the difficult. The kids and parents swell with pride as they exclaim how smart, strong or talented their kid is. Of-course everyone gets pissed with me when I explain to them that their kid isn't smart. It's a normal child that has finally been given a chance to do it's thing. The kid has always been willing and able. The parent was in the was in the way. Imparting their fears and false beliefs. Under supervision allow kids to grow by doing things that may seem to advanced for them. Here is an example. A kid just finished a nutritious lunch and wanted cookies for desert. I gave the box to the kid. The child then quite naturally wanted me to open the box. I said if you want the cookie you will have to open the box. The child had trouble as I knew that it would. I also knew that with determination that the kid could tare the box open. And tare open it did. Broken cookies were all over the place. I knew that there would be a mess. That's nothing. just a quick clean up lesson opp. I didn't care about the box or the cookies being damaged. I wanted the child to be empowered. That kid now does many things that people say are beyond it's years. And they say that it's smart. And that they didn't know or think that the kid could do that so they never let it try.