New Album

We released our new album, "Contradictions" on August 24th with a great CD release show at the Grotto (with our friends Gonzo City and We The Sea Lions). The next week, we were fortunate to play to a healthy crowd at Lola's and the week after that at the Cellar. We haven't been so fortunate getting press attention, though we appreciate Preston Jones giving us a plug for the CD release show.

Summer Break

We are in the middle of a self-created calm before the storm. John is on his honeymoon and Kendall is in Indonesia with his siblings. The new CD is at the duplicator and the next show is not until August 18th. However, once the CDs are ready, they will be off to reviewers and the PR machine will be put in overdrive ahead of our August 24th CD release show ;-)

In the Recording Studio

We've been playing a number of new songs at our shows for a while now and decided that we wanted to get a professional recording of them in time for a late summer release. After looking at five local studios, all of which were great, we decided on January Sound. Last week we spent four full days tracking the seven songs. As it was our first time in the studio, we learned a lot about the process, but thankfully hadn't gone in too unprepared. About the only thing we didn't plan sufficiently was the backing vocals, but thankfully, we were able to get our act together quickly. We then took the rough mixes and have been listening to them these past few days in preparation for mixing tomorrow and Friday. Our plan is have the album release on August 24th, which is the day of our CD release show at the Grotto.

May Transition

Tomorrow night is the final show in our six-week run and it will be great. This will be our second time playing with Nevermind the Darkness and we really enjoy their music. Check out IDK and Hear Me? for just two examples. After this show, we have 3 weeks off until the next show at the Cellar in Ft. Worth. Our last show this spring is at the Grotto on June 1st. After that, we'll be devoting all of our attention to recording an EP for late August release. Since our first album was home recorded, this will be our first time in the studio. We'll keep you updated as we select a studio and start preparing to record.

Busy April

We're in the middle of six week stretch of shows and looking forward to a rare Saturday night show tomorrow at the Crown and Harp. The C&H is a new venue for us and other than the Granada is the only live music place on Lower Greenville.

The next Friday is our first time playing in a festival of sorts, the West Berry Block Party in Fort Worth. Almost every Fort Worth rock band of note will be playing at one of its four venues. We're at the Stay Wired Coffee House at midnight on Friday. Two of the other venues, the Cellar and the Aardvark are next door and across the street, so it should be a wild time!

LaGrange and UTA Radio

We played LaGrange on the 16th with Vagrant and Summerfield and thankfully the fans of all three bands came up for the entire show to give us a decent showing on a Thursday night. LaGrange is a great venue with great sound and pleasant surroundings. This past Wednesday, John and Kendall were interviewed on Trey Caron's show on UTA Radio and John sang acoustic versions of several FLATWORLD songs. Trey's a great guy and we appreciate his support in exposing the band to the UTA audience. Another event of sorts was the release of our "Blender" video. Blender is a new song we've been playing at shows for several months and the video slices and rearranges performance footage from eight of these show. You can see it on YouTube or through the video link here.

Recent Happenings

It has been a relatively quiet month with only two shows. However, we are looking forward to the show at LaGrange this Thursday! We've never played there before and are trying to get everyone out. After that, we don't play a gig again until March 9th. Thankfully, things pick up after that.

Mid-January Status

We played the midnight slot at the Prophet Bar Big Room at the Door last night and were appreciative of the strong attendance by the folks where two of our members work. The PB Big Room is by the far the largest venue we've played and maybe some day we can fill it up better. Sadly, while there were five bands on the bill, as each left, so did their fans. Our next show is in two weeks (the 27th) at a much more intimate venue, the Grotto, in Fort Worth.

3 Shows in 7 Days

Up until December, we had never played more than one gig in a calendar month. That changed dramatically this month as we are playing four times. Between yesterday and January 5th, we'll play three times, so this will be an interesting test. Anyway, we played the Liquid Lounge last night with Alex Allred and Siren Sea. The latter is close to finishing an album and was shooting videos. We went on last, which gave us the opportunity to do an expanded set and try out a couple new songs. About 20 hours later (and about 7 hours from now), we play one block up Crowdus Street from the Liquid Lounge at the Bone. This will be the most involved show we've been part of as Nevermind the Darkness (the headliner) has a comedian, an artist and a champagne toast on the schedule.

Now On Twitter

These days, there are so many communication avenues and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Most of the time, bands starting out are writing to no one or at best a few friends and family. Nevertheless, we felt that Twitter would enable us to communicate more frequently to those who care without coming across as irritating spammeisters. If you want to know our every significant (and sometimes not-so-significant) action or thought, please click on our Twitter link.