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Ziggy Zap talks candidly About Music Scene in Australia.

Ziggy Zap - lead singer and rythem guitarist of Ziggy & The Copycat Killers delivered a barage of abuse at a journalist asking 'Whats the Live Music scene like down under?'..Said Mr. Zap 'It's Fuct. There's is simply no-where to play at anymore.' ADDING 'It's because of the fuckin' pokie machines.'..

Ziggy & The CcK's NEW single 'HI-WAY REBEL' released on Reverbnation.

WORDS & MUSIC by L.K.Green/D.Noonan/P. Green

Pope Joan Hits the Charts.

'Pope Joan' has just been released onto the charts by Ziggy & The Copycat Killers & like a bullet its already hit Queensland's top 20 and in the top 100 in Australia.

Rant 01/2016

Did u line up for your crucifixation? Were u denied. Again And again & again? Peter peter..pumpkin eater. Made you eat crow. Stone the crows. Seamen salt & pepper sprayed the crows. Noah sent out a crow. He did not return. Peter!!! Peter!!! I can see your house from here.

We remember mr. stardust

I would like to pay my upmost respect to the late david bowie..the original zigmeister....I was orignally called Ziggy because i am left handed (as the song goes) and my alter ego ziggy coqwart is absolutely a homage to mr stardust ...r.i.p.....Zig Hail!!!


561 FANS Wrld wide...OiOiOi.


4,271 plays this week on reverbnation for Ziggy and the gang..Yay.


4,228 Song plays 654 VIDEO plays Total FANS 547 WIDGET impressions 204.

Check out Poetry.

If you like Ziggys music aka Luke Kingsley Green ...then ckeck out his poetry books JUNK MALE, ADDICTIONARY & THE USERS MANUAL ..available digitally and in hard copy.

Went to the crossroads? na just practised.

I've came back to the live music scene with a new vibrant orginal style of guitar vamping ...patrons asked if i went to the crossroads ..I replied ..Nar just sober and practise alot.