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Heretic / Blog

Heretic- clearly defined

When people hear the name of the band, there sometimes seems to be negative connotation that immediately hits. Why so? The reason being is that the term "heretic" has become historically associated with someone who goes against religious doctrine- specifically Catholic. During the Spanish and later the Roman Inquisitions of the 14th and 15th centuries, to be labeled a heretic, gave some religious authority the ability to exert a false power over another human life in the form of torture, often times leading up to death. Based on an out of control, reckless witch-hunt type of mentality, a person in a position of religious power could bring another person into question and potentially kill them, simply by labeling that person as a “heretic.” This historic reference has lingered to this day and now, upon hearing the word, there are those who immediately assume anyone who would call themselves a heretic, must be anti-Catholic or anti-religious.

This is an unfortunate outcome of a centuries-old misuse of the term “heretic.” The true definition of a heretic is someone who challenges deeply established social or political views/norms. It embodies a person who thinks for themselves, questions authority and cuts against the grain- a true trailblazer. If you still can’t seem to shake the negative connotation, consider this- Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcom X, John Lennon, the founding fathers of the United States and pretty much anyone throughout history who stood up for what they believed in and was willing to take a stand against oppression and the powers that be, was by definition a heretic. These were not devious, hateful, anarchists. These were individuals who saw through the corruption of power and had the guts to speak up about it, organize the masses, and drive change for the better- even if it meant challenging the status quo and the established “authority,” and even in some cases, if it meant sacrificing their own lives in order to bring about an end to oppression and give hope to their generation.

So from this perspective and with this understanding, I’m proud to be the founding member of the band Heretic (named by yours truly) and continue to aspire to the greatness of the heretics who came before me, like the ones I mentioned above. In this day of garbage reality-tv, rampant political corruption, greed, self-righteousness, abuse of power, oppression of the poor, and the general social pressure exerted through the media by those in control, to conform and align oneself with such standards, I’m happy to be a heretic- dig?