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Hello my name is Alex W Young I'm..... (First post welcome to my blog)

alexwyoungmusic.blogspot.com is where you can follow my blog however I haven't been able to link Reverbnation and it together. Anyways Hello everyone my name is Alex W Young I'm 27 years old and a pop/country/Christian recording artist. I do music fulltime both on the street, metro stations and at various bars, churches and coffeehouses. I'm currently working on an acoustic 6 song EP right now and also have a couple gigs lined up for next year make sure to check my website www.alexwyoungmusic.com to stay up to date.

I started playing guitar my sophomore year of college and am mostly self taught however I will be resuming lessons I've been taking on and off for 2 years. I've been singing my freshman year of college. I was classically trained for almost 3 years but 5 years ago I switched to commercial training in contemporary/pop style. It is extremely important as a vocalist to be trained properly, there is no better way than to be classically/operatically trained for at least 2 years. This training helps avoids the dreaded polyps and nodules which CAN be career ending.

Well I made this blog so you can get to know me a bit better and also have a better understanding why I do music. That is the number one question I get asked the most why do I do it why not just a hobby, why this way? Well without writing an entire book I'll briefly mention why. I have been singing ever since I was a little boy my favorite song to sing according to my mom was Somewhere Out There from the movie American Tail Fievel Goes West. However when I got old enough to realize people could actually hear me sing I became very shy and quit singing.

In my senior year of high school I decided to start singing again and in my sophomore year of college I discovered a new artist named Taylor Swift. Watching her perform, listening to her songs inspired me to play guitar seriously I had played before but only goofing around. She really is one of the main reasons I picked up a guitar and started pursuing this dream of mine.

So by now I'm sure everybody's wondering what dream this is. Well I want to be both a Pop/country artist who is a positive role model, has positive music, but also real music that people can relate to. More importantly I want to be a Catholic Contemporary Christian artist like Matt Maher. I want to spread the gospel through the gift of music and also reach out and bring home the 70% of fallen away Christians who either never or don't regularly attend church. Music has a special way of speaking straight to our heart in a way words can't by themselves. I want to as Jesus himself said Go and make disciples of all nations. The ultimate goal is to be able to support a family and to live comfortably just off of playing music and to have my music being heard all over the world as well as hopefully one day touring with the girl who inspired me to pursue this Taylor Swift.

Thanks for reading this if you did feel free to keep in contact with me I'm available for weddings, bars, churches, senior centers, pretty much anywhere I always tailor my set list to the crowds and have a very large amount of music prepared as well as over 20 originals. I call myself a hybrid artist because I can play Christian music in a church but also play your favorite songs in a bar. It's a skill that only some artists have. Make sure to follow me, like me on twitter etc. I will be updating this blog throughout the year come take this journey with me all the ups and downs I'll be sharing a lot of stuff on here.

It's December 25 so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL Alex W Young

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