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Haven't been on Reverbnation much for a while..Hope everyone I know i s doing well and happy in their creativity!

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If you like what you hear on this Reverbnation page please leave a like under second facebook icon below...I give them freely if a song appeals to me! However If you are going to ask me for a like be prepared to give one back!

Dubalicous Productions

Website If into the EDM scene here is my son Blaze's links to check out!! http://www.facebook.com/DubalicousProductions and http://www.facebook.com/DubalicousGoGo

Eclectic Artist

I enjoy going off into different directions musically as you shall see...The Music I enjoy creating fall into these genres: electronic, house, gothic, folk, punk, heavy metal,Indie, rock, music for film, and trip hop. I am always exploring different genres as music to me is an adventure and I always like to take new ones!