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The Lazarus has opened it's doors...

The Band

(Kade) Our third show as a band is coming up. Another at the Hawthorne. I am so stoked that this all fell into place. With in a matter of days, we pulled a band together, and started gigging. I'd say things are going well so far. :)


It would seem a few things are starting to come together. I have a few people that I am starting to work on new material with. I seem to have found a piano player, as well as another bass player. All together, I do believe I have more than enough people to put it together. Now, I just need to get everyone together for a test run. So, next step...

Equipment! :)

The beginning

This is my first post of many to come. I plan on steadily progressing, and will keep you all in the loop as I go. The sky is the limit...