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New Video Alert!

SwatBoi YB video to the track "Kobe Freestyle" Premiers Tomorrow on YouTube! #SwatBoiMafia

Cypher Video Shoot

Are artist SwatBoi J-MO an SwatBoi YB both held their own in cypher clash #3 yesterday. . Can't wait till da video drops

SwatBoi YB Live Interview On GrindHardRadio

Tonight Im live on GrindHardRadio.com. 2 of my singles will be played while im interviewed. S/o to GrindHardRadio they keep it 1000. Follow this link to tune in http://www.blogtalkradio.com/grindhard_radio/2014/01/22/grindhard-radio-featuring-swatboiyb-and-novel-bandana or call in 3236933043 11pm the show begins #SwatBoiMafia #SBM 1130 im on

Interview an cypher

Today 2 of are artist SwatBoi J-MO an SwatBoi YB are apart of a cypher series. They will be getting on the spot spot interviews an then dropping their 16 bars. Both J-MO an YB say they are ready to put on for the squad. Stay tuned for more info on when the video from cypher will be posted. #SBM


New day same grind! Loyalty Before Royalty

Slowly but surely

Still at it new music on the way! SwatBoi YB an JMO both have been selected to be apart of a "Cypher" in our city. Studio time on Sunday an more info about the "Cypher" official date an video shoot TBA! Fwu #SBM #SwatBoiMafia


We finishing a video we be shooting da past couple of days.. Jmo "I Be Getting Paper"! Fwu - SwatBoi YB


Be getting a lot of things together website, new musik, an photos. It takes more than just rapping to stay relevant in this game. Just cause you got dope ass rhymes don't guarantee a deal... Shit wack rappers with good business moves kill just good talent smh.. We building to handle it all

Be On The Lookout!!

We appreciate all the luv we've been getting an thanks for all the views an everything!

Jmo mixtape"All Madden" will dropping in soon... He's getting his hosting together then dropping it. New website coming soon an more photos.. Continue to support us

Check this out

We have two new vids that have been added to our page.. SwatBoi Dilla "All About Business" and SwatBoi YB "How Bout Dat" ft. Jmo ... We would really appreciate it if y'all took da time to check it out an subscribe to our YouTube channel go to YouTube.com/SwatBoiMafia an do dat we subscribe dat... In this game it's about networking an support so wassup? -Swatboi YB