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Alert! Sweat The Small Stuff

People my people, So, I have come to another revelation. Like always, this one came as a series of events that led up to the final smack over the head and I think I’m finally starting to get it. So I won’t be upset if you glaze over this and months later it finally hits you as well. Tonight I went to Benihana’s. I pity the fool who hasn’t signed up for their $30.00 free birthday meal cause the “ish” is scrumptious. If you don’t know what goes on here is a quick synopsis. You sit like eight to a table around a metal slab (or grill or whatever the call it), while a chef slices and dices and flips knives and shrimp as he cooks the food in minutes right in front of you. The place is so popular that it was completely packed on a Monday night. As a promoter all night I’m thinking of reasons that it stays so packed. Short story long, the manager comes at the end of evening and asks, “How did you enjoy the show?” And it hit me, it wasn’t just the food or nice atmosphere, it really was a show. And that is what they label it after every meal. Even while you sit in the lobby there is a picture of their sign that reads “America’s Favorite Restaurant”. At Train of Thought we call our open mic an “Experience”. So my revelation came two fold:

1) How we really see ourselves is what the world will know and experience us. So if we dress fancy, talk fancy, and smell fancy, but really hate ourselves, then good people will tend to think you’re a bit of a tool and other people who hate themselves will cling around, hoping to learn how to fake it like you. That being said I feel it’s important to define our own story. Write it how we want it to be told. Is your life a long journey or an experience? Are the people close to you your friends or are they your family? Is it a job or your career? How you internally define things/people will determine how you interact with them.

2)Sweat the small stuff. I’m sure you have all heard the saving or have read the book, “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.” I have come to realize that it is really our everyday decisions that make up the whole of our lives. The 15 min of practice you got in. The stairs instead of the elevator, the office sweets you pass, the writing a blog not knowing who will actually read it when all you want to do is watch reruns of the Cosby Show. Every percent we improve…we improve, and they can never take that away from you.

More Happenings We still need volunteers of all walks and talents for Fiesta Del Sol (San Diego’s Largest Latino Family Festival) over 75,000 in over a weekend in August last year, this year we are getting bigger and better. Next meeting Thursday, April 14th. Let me know if you’re down.

I am very excited to announce that I will be playing the House of Blues this Wednesday. In my 30+ years I have not even been in a House of Blues before so to sing and do some spoken word man, I’m geeked! I’ll be playing a set with the phenomenal Summer Mencher. Also in the works, I may be joining an amazing Latin fusion band that plays all over Diego. If our schedules work out right it’s a go. That’s right your boy is going to be singing and rapping in English AND Spanish! It will be a great opportunity and learning experience. I’ll keep you posted. This Weeks Challenge: I’ve said a lot today so this one will be short and sweet. In the low part of one of your days this week, find a mirror and wink at yourself. That’s it. It’s weird but it works. It kinda lifts things. If that doesn’t work do it twice. It’s nearly impossible to wink at yourself and not feel a little more confident, or at least the good kind of silly. Try it, hit me back, and tell me what happens.

These next few weeks features at TOT are some of the best we have ever had. Please don’t miss out, I feel sorry for anyone who does.

Until then, Be now Remember The Light Gill Sotu www.trainofthoughtsd.com www.gillsotu.com

Flawed American Male

Hello Family,

This is a formal invitation to everyone i know in celebrating the completion of my album, Flawed American Male. i have worked two years on this project. It is a labor of love. The album is about what it means to be American in this rapidly changing world. To speak your mind. To fail and begin again. To realize that we don't know everything, and that while we are perfect in spirit, we are born with a need for each other's ability, understanding, and love.

So now you are joining me on this journey. And like all things should, it all starts with a party.

Flawed American Male Album Release Party: Starring: (click on the name to see what they do and how fresh they do it) Elaine Faye Jerrica Escoto Sojourn Deacon Blair Rob Deez Dancer Tehani Kevin Sandbloom Meaghan Maples

Show is at: Queen Bee's Art and Culture Center 3925 Ohio St, San Diego, Ca 92104, 8pm

Help me spread the word. Tickets for the album release are $12.00 pre-sale/$15.00 at the door (tickets include copy of the album Flawed American Male). To Pre-Purchase tickets for the show before th ey sell out click here.

I know a lot of you are out of town, so if you want to support and hear good music, see below.

To pre-purchase album for those who can't make the show click here. (album releases, Oct 15th)

Praise for Gill Sotu/Flawed American Male

Gill Sotu is fearless, his words cut straight into my heart and fire up my imagination. Recently during his performance someone turned to me and asked "did he write that?" I answered "indeed he did how lucky are we to have such an expressive gifted artist here in our own back yard". -Gregory Page, Acoustic San Diego Legend

"Gill Sotu is a sincere reflection of a counter punch to the notion that real music is dead. "Flawed American Male" proves that there's a pulse pumping, alive and well!" -Ise Lyfe, HBO Def Jam Poet, Commissioner of the Arts and Cultural Affairs -Oakland

"In the middle of listening to 1500 songs that were submitted I popped in the CD from Gill SOTU. and I was automatically hooked in! Before I knew it I had listed to the CD 3 or 4 complete times because I had enjoyed it so much. I can't remember another artist that happened with. Gill's CD soon made it onto my iPod and into my 'favorites' playlist." -Doc Rogers, Founder of the MAVRIC Music Awards

“His music and words make you stop whatever you’re doing and listen to something beautiful” -Paul Mabon, HBO Def Jam Poet



Today I grew another ten another ten feet/ Arm span reaching both sides of the house/ Feet bigger than small villages/ And if my feet grew then… Well, you know… My smile got bigger as well/ I can wink at a pretty girl as far as a city away/ I blow kisses and a entire suburb falls in love/ I have baseball mounds under my fingernails, I keep it cause it proves how hard I work/

Im so big now everything I say is heavy/ I drop words like parachuting soldiers/ They hit the ground running, find a soft spot in our countries foundation & begin to dig deep/

Today grew bigger Cause I had to/ Neck hurt from looking up to people, places, ideas/ I was no good at being small I was just no damn good at it