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New Human Project Song

I just uploaded a new Human Project track, "Lookin For My Freak Flag," to my Reverb Nation Site. This is the first new Human Project track in 2 years. It is a scalding blues rocker that is 95% mixed. It needs tweaking a tad more and mastering. It will be part of my upcoming new CD that is yet to be titled. This track features killer guitar work by Fresno's own AC Myles, and music and lyrics by The Human. Enjoy until the CD is complete.

Studio Updates

It's been awhile since I have updated studio activity here on Reverb Nation. I have got all the basic tracks laid down now..9 songs possible. Currently working at Fast Traxx here in Fresno to finish up 6 tracks. I will be releasing a single very soon called "Runnin Up the Freak Flag." to give you a little taste of what I have been doing. I am in no hurry to get this done, just taking my time. Thanks for stopping by and for your support. It ain't easy.

Studio Updates

I have working in 2 studios for a couple of months now. I have had a hard time getting momentum due to work and other issues. If I can this this project done, it will be the first new Human Project CD in 2 years. So..stay tuned.

Human's Bluesfest

Make sure to check out my show, "Human's Bluesfest," on podomatic. http://www.thehumanproject.podomatic.com the best in blues and rock

CD Review

Title: Gritty, Bluesy, Articulate "The Human has a real winner with his latest, "Last Train Out." The recording quality is, succinctly, outstanding. Every song begs the listener to not only "crank it up" and "pop a cold one", but also to consider the message carried by the lyrics. The first cut, Friday Thang, is one of those songs that will strike a cord with every listener because most will certainly relate to the Friday night rituals so cleverly portrayed in the lyrics, rhythm and beat. This guy stays close to the street and to his blue collar roots. And, his music is just so damn good!"


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The Human is back in the studio laying down some new tracks. Stay tuned for news on possible new CD in the works. Same ole human..same old good time tunes......uh huh.

New Song

The Human has just posted a new song, "The Creepers," on his Reverb Nation site. A very slow blues tune with killer guitar work and a spooky vibe. Check it out.


The HumanProject is in both the top 10 in singles radio charts and number plays for a group. Been there a few weeks actually. Bad Momma, V8 Ford, High Anxiety, and Drive, Drive, Drive have all been in the top 10 at one time or another. http://www.songplanet.com

New CD Humanized

The New CD that was released in late February is doing pretty well. It is getting good critical reviews... "Putting in long hours for no pay working on the site it's CD's like Humanized that makes it all worth it. This release is one of those rare gems that grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let go." Indiemusicstop. And..many of the songs are charting high on various sites....ie..songplanet.com and soundclick.com Many internet stations have e mailed for a copy of the CD to play. I have submitted some songs to Taxi. So, I just sit and wait and see if anything...Happens. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support. The Human The Human Project