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Dub Day April 6 2013

Hey ya'll! I'd like to tell you a story about a friend of mine name Dub Cross. I met Dub a few years ago when I was playin some my first gigs in Tulsa. We had a lot in common right off the bat...We both grad OSU, played Willies in Stillwater and luvd western swing. We liked tellin stories and BS about just whatever. One day he emailed me said "hey come hang at the house if you want to this weekend maybe we get some recording goin'". So off frm my dingy dive apt to beautiful South Grand Lake I went with a handful of songs and half gallon of whiskey. Over next few months we taped a few diff things tht ended up as songs on my first album. I'd gotten us some gigs up at Mooney's by then and bunch of other places around the lake and Dub stood up (tall) for me more than a few times one thing or another. Lotta times I'd show up to his regular Thurs nite gig at The Rivers up at 21st and Memorial. He'd always insist tht I sit in and I met all kinds of movers and shakers on the scene there. tht really helped me get some stage time in the rough and tough Tulsa music scene...lol . Later I rented a house from him in Tulsa and lived there for abt 4 years. You'll never find a better landlord I will assure you of that! I always knew Dub was looking out for me. We played together off and on ...I'd be lead gtr for the DublCross band one night and maybe he'd play bass for me when I needed him. Or lookout double telecasters…we pulled tht trick together one night at this place up in Langely never knew what hit em..tht was a fun nite of barnstormin blooze boogie woogie country folk rock and ramble roll baby! ! During the summer of '09 we decided we'd put together a side project just for fun….."Somethin' Else" was short lived but we sure had a lot of fun playin' up around the lake. He was always honest and free with his advice and 99 times out of 100 he'd been where I was and could talk me thru it or calm me down one or the other. hahaa if at anytime I was playing around the lake and could pop by for a cpl cold ones and some entertainment at Black Diamond Motorcycle HQ I would...there always seemed to be an interesting group of folks in and out pickin up parts gettin' their bikes or just hangin’ out shootin pool. Good times! Bunch of Dub’s musical cohorts have decided to come together and celebrate our friend’s life by playing Dub Day up in Tijuana at Mountain Mama’s Paradise. Starts at noon… Hope ta see yall on sat!

ramblin gamblin man

So Filthy McNastys in FTW stockyards last week was a good time. Talked ppl from all ovr the place there soakin up the tunes...I truly enjoy playing for TX audiences cant wait to make it back to Filthys! Kirk Richardson on the bass and Aaron Lyons on da drumz! After the show rolled Home Sweet OK undercover of the night since nxt stop was Perryman Ranch in jenks OK for a 3 hr Sat afternoo/eve show. Hit hq...dropped some gear picked up some others and headed for Jenks America road eyed and weary! First up solo acoustic and then full band with John Hoff on drums and Chuck Bland on bass. I remebr some damn good bbq and strollin thru a few cool tunes at a good pace and feelin good abt my last 4 days on the road.... so its Monday back in Tulsa and Im doin every Mon at The Bounty Lounge which starts now! so after an afternoon on molding musical minds I get to play for you every mon in tulsa cool! A small vibey spot perfect for hanign nxt few wks. Played alot of album songs and old favs and then my buddy josh james and i torethru a few boozy jams to include 12 minutes of rattlesnake shake by fleetwood Mac...nice!

Every Tues I play at this cool place in midtown called On the Rocks. Hey now this is gonna be a fun spot for every Tues...so after the ballgame im pickin and grininn til 2 in the mornin for some friends old and new...

Next stop Woodys Tavern downtown Sat nite

First TX solo tour, new single "Broken Branches"

Good mornin frm DFW! Great times last night at KHYI 95.3 Red River Shootout...well know who won tomm rnd noon whn they announce on air...met alot of really talented and friendly, kind music loving folks over the last year since coming to TX and playing and this was no exception...I hired Romeo and Aaron thru my old friend Steve White on a sun may 13 via txt msg, sent em charts n mp3s and we met for the first time on stage on Wed May 16th. So we slid into the finals only our 2nd time playing together..Im sure this wont be the last time youll be hearing frm these two...total pros, nice guys! Heres wht we did last night... Truckstop Sinatra Broken Branches Girl Across The Street Gods Little Acre Get Out of the City

feels so good to be out in TX this week playing MY OWN SONGS !!!!! Tonite Ill be opening for the Will Makar trio doing solo acoustic at Freds TX Cafe in FTW frm 6-7pm...after tht...theres no tellin lol! Fri fri fri!!!! Ive played Filthy McNastys in the FTW stockyards numerous times in the last year as part of the Ted Russell Kamp travelin roadshow and man, i am lookin fwd to my solo debut there tomm night. Ill have Aaron Lyons on drums and Kirk Richardson on the bass...good times at the Stockyards...pls come! Sat its kickin and screamin back to OKLA for a private gig at Perryman Ranch. Im doin an 90min solo acoustic set as well as a 90min electric set with John Hoff on the drums and Chuck Bland on the bass...and Im gunna see tht white buffalo they got out there..bet on it!

So now for the big news...the first single frm the long awaited album is called "Broken Branches" and it is avail for FREE download on reverbnation page if you sign up as a mailing list subscriber. This will only be avail for FREE download here thru monday june 11. After tht itll be on t iTunes... etc for .99 download. About the single... an original composition written n performed by yours truly features bassist-producer Ted Russell Kamp on gtr and bass and Bruce Alford on the drums. This final version was recorded by Jeffery Saenz at Copper Canyon, TX at Big Acre Sound March 19 2012. It was mastered for yer ears by Les Moorman at Area 51. Ted, Jeffery and myself used a variety of electric and acoustic guitars to used to craft this chime-y, Beatle-esque Byrds meets Cheap Trick uptempo country rocker and I really hope you enjoy... After more than a year of recording I really want yall to hear it!

KHYI 95.3 TX vs OK Red River Shootout!

Whoa... we made the finals! now keepin' my eye on the $1500 cash prize wed june 6th at Billy's in Anna TX. All i gotta do is beat out the TX winner who is being decided in these next two rounds....Red River Shootout sponsored by ultra cool Dallas alt country roots rock radio station 95.3 KHYI.

Givememyxxx.com and Black Country Rock presents...

Hey! Chk this out! I'm playing electric guitar on a cut by Ted Russell Kamp on the latest Shooter Jennings Compilation...track 5 is a TRK composition that also features Chuck Blackwell and Danny Timms!

GiveMeMyXXX.com and Black Country Rock are proud to present 'Southern Independent, Vol. 3' the third official XXX compilation, absolutely FREE. All you have to do is register an account with us and download the compressed archive file to your hard drive, and turn that mother scratcher up!

'Southern Independent, Vol. 3'

1. The Other Shoe / Waylon Jennings & The Old 97's 2. I Want My Mojo Back / Scott H. Biram 3. Officer Guererro / Lucky Tubb 4. What Happened Last Night? / Amanda Shires 5. ANOTHER LOVE SONG/TED RUSSELL KAMP 6. To The Victor Go The Spoils / Have Gun Will Travel 7. Run Around / Austin Lucas 8. Hard Times / Tyler Childers 9. Nola / High or Hellwater 10. Gettin' By / Six Shot Revival 11. Lesson In A Bottle / Blackberry Smoke 12. The Devil's Gotta' Earn / Brett Detar 13. Jumping The Sharks / Carter Falco 14. Heaven Anywhere / Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real 15. Outlaw Shit / Struggle feat. Yelawolf

The Wichita Lineman....

Hey chk this out...a friend of mine asked me to help put together a version of "Wichita Lineman" for a BBC documentary that you can stream live here.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b013f96w So I asked Chuck Blackwell, Ted Russell Kamp, Danny Timms, Les Moorman ...and we really got a real lineman to sing the tune...thts the friend David Crary. One day a few months ago a woman frm the BBC contacted his office in Tulsa trying to find a real life lineman for an interview to include in the show along with Glenn Campbell, Jimmy Webb and others...always loved tht tune and interesting show

Welcome to the empires of amusement.....

ello space cadets of the hillbilly junction! rmbr whn youd go visit grandma and grandpa in the summer and they take you to the amusement park?..there were so many things to see and do...rides to ride...and tht sweet candy...!