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its been a minute

Its been a while i have been on but plenty things has happened since... Follow me on twitter and like this page to get exclusives on whats new with Jayybludden.


Play Rotation

147,487 play counts on www.imradio.com

New Release

Brand New Soca Release from Jayy Bludden for 2012

The Baddest Rapper Alive

Features with Jay-G from ThugHouse Entertainment Reppin Texas soon to come..... Trinidad meets Texas. Also features from Louie King reppin Los Angeles.... Trinidad meets L.A.

Recordings in Trinidad

I would be leaving next month for Trinidad to do some Recording and Promotions for the next 7 months...

New set Marks yet again

Jayy Bludden has set a new mark for downloads once again and is now looking to chop the 200 download mark. he would be breaking the download mark for any underground Rapper online... Its only four months of being on worksessions and he already has 155 downloads, with 2622 hits and 1153 plays. His play mark to meet is 1500 for the February month. In January he manage to finish the month with 774 hits, 261 Plays and 35 Downloads.

New set hits mark for Jayy Bludden 3000

Jayy Bludden just past the hits Mark of 2500 and is going for 3000...

New marks in the Music world

Going for 2500mark in Hits, 1500mark in Plays and 150mark in Downloads on Worksessions and i am not even on the Feature Song List as yet. But this year 2012 i am going for 12840 Hits, 6963 Plays and 819 Downloads and that my goal for this while achieving others.... And that is doing an official video and promoting it on tempo and releasing my mixtape in April and one in November or December......

A serious Deal 2012

Just got a 7eleven inspiration tip and i know what i'mma do to this Rap/HipHop industry.. Trust meh i know what imma do... imma go hard than brickwall and shell falls... Its my time to shine.....been in a deep sleep for too long... now imma fuck with 7eleven and yall gonna see the differences...Durtee Gainz Movement will take the game over.....

Work in Progress

Yo d.j b chill...I got yur...d.j Mckenly...I got yur...Grind City...I got yur... Its time for Rap/HipHop to be relived and I'm gonna make the game Come Alive.... The Hip Hop industry misses Jayy Bludden Rite About this Minutes....All D.Js , Producers and Label Owners Holla@ Jayy Bludden if you believe in Changing the game forever...